Good news for Avengers fans: a reunion is coming soon!

At the kick-off for the 11th season of VARIETY's Emmy-Award winning "Variety Studio: Actors on Actors" series, Chris Evans sat down with a long-time friend and co-star in the movie "Avengers," Scarlett Johannson.

The two opened up about how they balance their personal lives and their successful careers, especially during their time when they were filming the "Avengers" movies.

During the talk, Chris announced a funny surprise that he and his "Avengers" co-stars are planning on going out for a vacation for them to keep in touch. According to Captain America himself, they have been organizing for an "Avengers" vacation for a small victory lap

All Avengers actors are still in awe with how their careers took off because of the movie series, and being a part of a pop culture phenomenon has been very overwhelming to all of them. However, Evans added that having a good crew and co-stars to work with was what made him stay in the movie, and he is very grateful to have such amazing "Avengers" bunch.

Fans have always loved how the stars have kept close even after the movie series ended, and the "Avengers" stars are also happy to have their love and support.

Although Chris learned to love the experience in filming the movie, he did not deny the fact that he was uneasy way back when he was offered the role. Everyone in the "Avengers" cast was uneasy about their own roles and the movie's concept. He also revealed that it was a huge step in their career and it was almost surreal to believe.

Evans' fear of not getting the movie sell to the public was something he and his co-stars thought about when they were filming the movie.

Chris also revealed it took him time to love his character as "Captain America." Although a lot of fans know Chris has already hung his shield and costume, he revealed that he can still be one anytime soon in the future. He pointed out that it is "hard to say no, but it's not eager to say yes either."

Chris has other things that have been keeping him occupied lately, and it wll not be that easy for him to just come back as "Captain America," because he cannot make the audience feel excited about a new movie. Concepts should be thought thoroughly before he can return.

Before that, though, fans will be waiting for the "Avengers" vacation real time soon!

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