LOOK: Post Malone Boasts $250K Worth Addition to Jewelry Collection

American songwriter and rapper Post Malone and his love for the NFL team Dallas cowboys really knows no bounds.

In fact, he loves the Cowboys so much that he was seen sporting a whopping $250,000, Cowboys-themed diamond chain. The chain and massive pendant made from Angel City Jewelers consisted of 3,000 stones, 9.7 carats of baguette diamonds, 8.7 carats of diamonds and even 13.5 carats of sapphires.

His new necklace, designed to be just like the Dallas Cowboy's logo, is complete with an inscription in the back with the number 77, Post Malone's favorite number. This was specially delivered to him at AT&T Stadium for Malone's annual hometown festival, Posty Fest.

Malone's love for the Dallas Cowboys is unrivaled, as he even made a bet with a fan of the New York Giants to wear Malone's Cowboys jacket if Dallas won. Sure enough, the big blue fan swallowed his pride after a close game of 36-35 in favor of the Cowboys.

Malone's Jewelry Addiction

Post Malone's new necklace was only an addition to his current jewelry collection. In a jewelry tour with GQ, Post revealed most of the jewelry he likes to wear.

His collection consists of strange but expensive pieces that he regularly wears, such as his first Rolex with a custom-made inscription at the bottom with the words: "Happy 21st Austy" -- a reference to his real name Austin.

Malone also hilariously stated that he cannot be seen without a watch because people will think he is a hobo when he walks into a store." For Malone, having a watch -- and having all that expensive jewelries in that regard -- gives store staff to talk to him and not drive him away.

A watch is not the only thing Post Malone has a reason for wearing. He also sports some very expensive Hello Kitty charms just because a lot of women think it is cute and it brings him compliments. Alongside those charms, he also wears a slightly inexpensive bracelet compared to his other jewelry -- a $175 dollar bracelet he found in Miami.

Love For the Rarities

Malone was also previously seen wearing one of Rolex's most sought after watches, "The Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona." It is a timepiece only produced in limited quantities. This watch features baguette-cut sapphires around the beze and 11 more to serve as hour markers with the Rolex logo serving as the number 12.

The newly acquired $250,000 chain and pendant is merely a small addition to this Post Malone's collection. With such a diverse collection, it is safe to say that there is still room for whatever Post might find interesting to add to his jewelry.

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