Only One Direction fans can't contain their enthusiasm.

Members of the band Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson Had a mini band reunion on Wednesday night's "Premios Telehit" event.

Fans caught the moment that the pair were singing during soundcheck One Direction's fan-favourite song, "Little Black Dress." Some were expecting that Harry Style and Liam Payne were going to be there as well. Since the video has been uploaded the fan, it has been going viral.

The video is also leading to a lot of speculation among the fans. Still, no official confirmation that been given by both of their teams.

 "Louis and Niall's sound checking 'Little Black Dress' together is everything I never knew I needed in life," one tweet said.

Another fan wrote,"If Louis and Niall do perform a song together, that will be the biggest flex of the century. They had the least singing parts of all the other boys in One Direction and were ALWAYS underestimated. But for them to perform together? In all their success? Please, please please."

Tomlinson tweeted that his guitarist will not be present and fans thought that Niall may be playing the guitars during Tomlinson's performance.

One tweeted, "Plot twist. Niall is gonna play guitar for Louis' band tonight because Michael couldn't make it."

On Thursday, the "Nice to Meet Ya" singer took to Instagram to share a bunch of photos documenting the meeting with his former bandmate. The caption said, "Mexico, thank you very much for inviting me." He further said, "Playing my music for 65,000 people was an incredible feeling. I can't wait to go back to Mexico on tour."

The snaps showed a series of pictures of the duo behind the scenes which has already given loyal One Direction fans all the joy they need this week.

Other pictures showed Horan rocking on stage during his performance before the crowd.

On Tomlinson's part, he performed "Little Black Dress" solo at the event. He even shared an Instagram snap of him doing a sound test before the show started.

The "Two of Us" singer wrote, "Excited for tonight!"

The comment section of their uploads was flooded with supporting messages.

One fan said that they're "literally dying."

Another one was "hyperventilating" in the "comments section."

Fans are hoping that a One Direction reunion, with all four boys, are present, are soon going to happen.

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