Lady Gaga's longtime makeup-artist-turned-best-friend, Sarah Tanno, got married and so the singer brought herself out to party this weekend.

Last month, the bridal entourage threw a bachelorette party for Sarah. Lady Gaga was there but she admitted that she was at the occasion while in a lot of pain. The party was held a day after the 33-year-old singer fell flat on her back and off the stage during a performance.

On the same night, Gaga shared a selfie photo with the bride-to-be. The caption revealed that Lady Gaga was in a lot of pain, but she could not miss the event for the world. In the photo, she can be seen holding up a pair of pink "bridesmaid" glasses which looked perfect with her candy-themed eyeshadow -- she was a picture of strength and boldness.

Lady Gaga went on to share a picture of her and her best friend. The post became huge news as it was the post that confirmed Gaga's breakup from her then boyfriend Dan Horton.

The Wedding!

The "Poker Face" singer could not be happier at her best friend's wedding. She shared a few pictures on her official Instagram page. On one of her Instagram stories, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a pink dress that perfectly matches her pink hair while on the beach.

"Two of my best friends just got married. Time to party!" Lady Gaga wrote on the caption of one of her photos while at the beach holding up some flowers in celebration. She tagged both Sarah Tanno and her husband, Tim Stewart on the photo.

In another photo, Gaga can be seen with another bridesmaid raising their flowers with one leg up while looking so happy. She also posted a photo of the newlyweds and wrote, "Congratulations I love you!" with a heart emoji in pink.

Lady Gaga, Next?

The night before the big day, Sarah Tanno posted a photo on her Instagram with the rest of her bridal party. Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a black dress with statement hoop earrings. Her pink hair was tied up in a bun.

The relationship between Sarah Tanno and Lady Gaga has traversed several levels of friendship. In fact, the two brilliant minds recently collaborated on a new makeup line named Haus Laboratories.

The wedding of her best friend has sparked some questions from the singer's fans. Will she be next in line? Who could the lucky man be?

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