Tom Felton Pours Fuel to Emma Watson Rumors With This!

It could have been Rupert Grint and Emma Watson's characters Ron and Hermione who ended up together on-screen, but off-screen, Grint said a different love story was brewing.

The tandem Grint had in mind was Dramione. Fans coined the term when Watson gushed about having a crush on "Harry Potter" co-star Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy.

Others coined the term Feltson (Felton-Watson).

Friends Forever

Grint may have moved on from "Harry Potter" to the psych horror Apple TV+ series "The Servant," but his friends from the HP cast carried on with their friendship.

Forming a little Hogwarts dormitory on their own, HP cast Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) reportedly live nearby Felton and Watson in Los Angeles.

Photos Can Tell

In photos, Felton and Watson reunite more often than they do with any of the HP cast. Watson previously admitted having a "really terrible crush" on Felton at the onset of HP. She was particularly drawn to the fact that Felton was older and had a skateboard.

Now, she is on that skateboard with Felton playfully scolding her to stop wobbling around like a clown and hang on tight making Watson gush.

Watch the Feltson video you should not miss:

Felton previously shared a video of Watson's crushing-on-him days, too. He later shared the sweetest photo of Emma playing the guitar with him as her teacher.

Felton was also seen practicing being an Instagram boyfriend of sorts. Emma shared a photo on IG and captioned "Friends capture you best." Tom took the stunning picture.

Grint Adds Sparks to Rumors

Grint said he was "sparks-free" with any of his co-actors. He added that he did not want to start any rumors but that there was "a bit of a spark" between Felton and Watson during their "Harry Potter" days.

Despite the fact Hermione and Draco cannot stand each other on-screen, Grint revealed the two had a "playground kind of romance" off the set.

Tom Felton Has Feelings, Too!

Technically, Watson is single, but she has since coined the term self-partnered. Felton rode in on the term, saying he is in the same category, quite happily self-partnered, too.

Felton was previously quoted as saying Emma is an "incredibly smart and lovely young lady."

In an interview discussing his HP co-stars, Felton would say Grint is "down to earth" and Daniel Radcliffe has "incredible work ethics."

But when it came to Watson, Felton reveled in the thought of the muse calling her "a unique, beautiful soul" and someone who is "always nice to bump into." Tom added that they both like to "reminisce on old times and look forward to the future."

Felton is supportive of Watson and her advocacies, too. When asked if he believes Watson could one day rule the world, Felton remarked, "I doubt it not."

It turns out Grint was not far-off when he sparked the rumors that Felton and Watson could get together sometime in the future.

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