Caitlyn Jenner admitted that she already felt "it" even before meeting her then-wife Kris Jenner but she somehow changed something for her.

In the recent episode of ITV series "I'm A Celebrity", Caitlyn seemed to turn into a more "open" person as she revealed more information about her transition that happened before meeting Kris.

The former Olympic gold medalist started talking about the process she faced when she underwent gender reassignment to complete her full transition and finally came out to the world.

Her co-celebrity participant Jacqueline Jossa inquired the details of the aforementioned surgery and she non-hesitantly disclosed that even before she met her ex-wife and momager, Kris, she grew around 36B boobs.

Caitlyn confessed that in the early 1980s, long before she met the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, she took estrogen which resulted in larger chest size.

But right when she met the momager, she got them removed before marrying her in 1991 and eventually had two children - Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

"And then the second time around 25 years later I was back on estrogen obviously and they came back some but not much," the 70-year-old star unveiled the secret.

Following the topic on her gender reassignment, she received compliments from the celebrities and discussed how she unveiled the result of transition for the first time by modeling on a cover of Vanity Fair way back in 2015.

According to Caitlyn, both doing the transition and trying to make an impact on social media turned into something very momentous for her.

The Vanity cover also broke a world record for having 1 million followers in just four hours, which became one of her achievements as a transgender woman.

"I love the fact that she talks so openly and she feels like she can trust us and speak to us so openly and she puts everything into perspective as well," Jacqueline said.

Her "Thing" Changed, too

Aside from chopping off her boobs and regaining them again, she also chatted about her former "thing down there" which she included on her tell-all memoir "The Secrets of My Life."

"So why even consider it? Because it's just a penis. It has no special gifts or use for me. I just want to have all the right parts. I am also tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time," Caitlyn wrote.

After the transition, she did not only earn money from the book but also respect from her supporters.

Caitlyn's Transition Journey

The 70-year-old former Olympian previously spoke on BBC's "Don't Tell Me the Score Podcast" where she discussed her story.

Caitlyn spoke on the podcast on how she trained for 12 years before bagging the gold medal for the Olympics Men's Decathlon event in 1976 before she finally took courage to brave the world and reveal who she is 65 years later.

She recalled how she looked at herself in the mirror while wearing the medal and asked herself if the reflection she saw was the same person she would be stuck with for the rest of her life.

She struggled more after she was diagnosed with dyslexia and gender dysphoria, and it affected not only her sporting career but her whole life.

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