Did Wendy Williams Call Taylor Swift Cheap?

Every music lover knows how important it is for an artist to be recognized in the American Music Awards. It is like the Oscars for those in film and television.

Each year, artists and their valued supporters look forward to the recognition they receive in the AMAs. This year's AMAs was no different. Each one was rooting for their favorite artist, and it looks like Taylor Swift has got the "Swifties" working double time.

In the recently concluded American Music Awards 2019, Taylor Swift brought home six awards. And the exciting news for the young singer did not end there. She was also named "Artist of the Decade."

Swift fans could not be any happier for the singer-songwriter. Several other artists have expressed their happiness for Taylor for the recognition she has received. However, not everyone thinks she deserves it.

Taylor Swift, Cheap?

In her show on Monday night, Wendy Williams bluntly expressed her opinion about Taylor Swift, the AMA 2019, and the "Artist of the Decade" award.

The host admitted that she was upset when she found out that Swift was given such a prestigious award. She said that it could not have been possible for the likes of Taylor to get ahead of Michael Jackson.

"Taylor Swift made history," Williams said while emphasizing that she could not believe it happened.

The host also talked about Swift winning six awards that night, which gave her a total of 29 American Music Awards over the years. What truly surprised the host was that the young artist has more AMA awards than the legendary Jackson.

"Michael Jackson only got 24, Taylor has 29. An Artist of the Decade. Is she who's been firing you up for the last 10 years?!" Williams expressed in utter disappointment.

Some Twitter users seem to agree with the host's opinion on the matter:

Taylor Swift Deserves It

Williams admitted that she thinks Taylor Swift was gifted with amazing talent. However, she shaded that Swift was not really relevant in the music industry until her infamous moment with Kanye West happened.

"She is one talented girl," Williams said shyly before saying that Taylor was a nobody if not for the moment Kanye West brought her on stage.

Williams further emphasized that she appreciates Taylor's music but she could not believe her music deserved the "Artist of the Decade" award.

Several Swifties took to social media their reaction to the host's take.


Williams ended that segment by declaring that the wins in the recently concluded AMAs show an overall decline in quality and taste of music.

Nonetheless, Williams generalized things by saying that the standard of taste in a lot of things has declined over the years.

"But you know what? I think that taste has cheapened through the years in a lot of things," Williams said. "The quality of clothes we buy - they get tattered and torn real quick. The quality of food we buy - we're being poisoned by a lot of crap. Just life in general I think has cheapened, and I don't mean this in a bad way to Taylor, but it's unbelievable. I appreciate her, but Artist of the Decade?"

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