Josh Duhamel is eager to start a new family after coming out of a failed marriage with Fergie.

The two were happily married for eight years before they announced their split in 2017 and only recently has their divorce been made official.

Fergie Had Trouble Letting Go

Duhamel and Fergie lingered long before they finalized the end of their marriage. It was only in May -- nearly two years after their split -- that Fergie officially filed for divorce.

Once again, the former lovebirds tarried on with their divorce proceedings. Things only started moving along when they were told they would risk getting their case dismissed if they did not submit the necessary court documents.

Those close to the singer knew she would get to this point eventually. The 44-year-old Fergie reportedly took a while to find the strength to move on from her marriage with the "Safe Haven" star.

When the pair first announced their split, Fergie was quoted as saying, "This was not my plan. I wanted to stay together forever with the father of my child."

The celebrity couple had their divorce judgment finalized and filed with the County Court in L.A. on Nov. 22. Sources revealed that Fergie is now doing incredibly well after the divorce.

Duhamel Back in the Dating Game

The 47-year-old actor sat down with fellow celebrity dad Dax Shephard on the "Armchair Expert" podcast where he revealed his desire to "have more kids in the next few years."

Duhamel stated the fact that he is not getting any younger, so he wanted to start raising a family again as soon as he can. However, the eager beaver noted that he is "not trying to just f- anything, but to really find a girl I can be with to have a family with."

Another Split Before the Divorce

Even before their divorce was finalized, Duhamel was already dating Mexican actress Eliza Gonzalez, who was previously dating Liam Hemsworth. However, the two also split before his divorce was finalized.

Duhamel is keen to settle down with a girl who will dedicate time to him and their children. The "Life as We Know It" actor is a father to six-year-old Axl Jack Duhamel, whom he shares with Fergie.

The singer's lack of time for her family was reportedly the key to the breakdown of her marriage. Sources revealed that trouble brewed in their marriage when Fergie "devoted day and night to her music."

Duhamel got sick of waiting on her and felt left behind. The relationship got toxic and that was the end of their marriage.

New Love Brewing

Josh Duhamel is dead serious to find a girl to settle down with, as he is nearing the end of his forties. He is reportedly looking for someone "young enough" to have kids with.

25-year-old Miss World America 2016 Audra Mari has reportedly caught the eyes of the actor. They were spotted dating in Malibu and meeting up at the Toronto airport packing on PDA.

The 5-foot-10 pageant beauty and the 6-foot-4 hunk actor were both raised in North Dakota. Mari is currently signed with modeling agency Vision LA.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Fergie just gave the best mommy response to her dating plans after split with Duhamel: "I'm play dating, that's what I'm doing!"

Fergie revealed that all she wants to do is to focus on her only child, be at home, and grow where she is planted.

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