Meghan Markle has been all over the press since she married into the royal family. It seems that the media have something to say in every move she makes.

More often than not, the Duchess of Sussex wakes up to negative publicity about her, and all the bad press she got affected her.

Now, Helena Bonham Carter -- known for her portrayal of Princess Margaret in the Season 3 of "The Crown" -- has a piece of advice for Meghan.

During her guesting on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," Carter was asked if she had some words of wisdom to offer the Duchess of Sussex on dealing with negative publicity. Both Meghan and husband Prince Harry are taking legal action against U.K. tabloids whose treatment of the couple was described as "ruthless."

"The Crown's" Princess Margaret Advises

"I don't pay much attention to it, maybe she should do the same,"  Carter replied to the question.

It migh be hard for Meghan to ignore all the negative publicity, but Carter said it is something she should get used to.

When you become well-known, this is a domain you should kind of accept," the actress added. 

Helena furthered that she got the same advice when she was just starting out in the entertainment industry. She said that it is important that Meghan remembers not to put her self esteem in the hands of people she does not know.

Strangers will always have something to say, whether you do well or not, so it helps if you don't bother thinking about what they would say. 

Popularity comes with a price, and Meghan Markle should have prepared herself for it. But then, if she does not worry about what these press people have to say, then there is nothing to worry about. 

Meghan knows that she is doing her best and to those who love her, and that is more than enough. 

Princess Margaret is Much Like Meghan

Carter then related the situation to the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, the character she plays in the Netflix series.

The actress admits that she has been having fun playing her role as Princess Margaret. It is interesting because everyone has an opinion about the members of the royal family. Each one has something to say.

Helena admitted that her role as Queen Elizabeth's younger sister has put her in a similar situation as that of Meghan. She felt that the people around feel that they have some kind of authority over the royal family. 

However, Carter believes that unless you have met the person, it is best not to have an opinion.

The 53-year-old star also opened up about an encounter she had with Prince William after she had a few drinks. She asked him if he could be the godfather of her son Neil. This happened on the Carribean island of Mustique. Back then, Kate Middleton and Prince William were still dating. 

Carter shared that she was not really drunk, but he was not sober himself. She recalled the incident as something very jolly. When asked what Prince William answered, Bonham, said that the royal politely declined. 

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