Kesha Rose was slated to be introduced to the beauty and makeup world on Tuesday, but the momentous event had to be moved.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the singer-songwriter announced that the launch of her makeup line will be delayed for a bit.

The 32-year old singer took it to Instagram to make the announcement. She apologized to her fans, saying that they might need to wait a little longer for her own makeup collection.

Kesha said that they were already rushing to bring it as fast as they could to as many people who want it. Although she has not confirmed exactly when, she emphasized that the postponement would only be for next week.

While the "A Ghost Story" actress did not specify any reason for the delay, she did emphasize in her post that they will deliver "as soon as humanly possible." This indicates that the scheduling of other projects did not fit well with their plan launched.

It could also be due to burnout given the activities Kesha has. Alongside her new makeup line, Kesha is also working on a new album she hopes to release by January 2020.

Kesha is Back!

Kesha has not released a new album or a new song since her hit in 2015. However, she is back and more badass than ever.

Everyone saw that the past few years were rough for the singer, but she is getting back on her feet with a colorful new twist. Her return to the spotlight would be all bright and shiny with her new makeup line that promises to make people see their aura.

In an interview with Refinery29, Kesha revealed that she is putting her art and happiness first this time. She added that she is no longer scared to embrace her individuality (like a new hairdo with a colorful twist) to get back to her roots. This time, no one is going to hold her down.

For the first time on Monday night, Kesha performed her new single "Raising Hell" at the party thrown in her honor by the liquor brand Jack Daniels. She debuted two more songs that night, which all sounded great!

Kesha admitted that the performance at the AMAs 2019 and at the party is just the beginning of something new and exciting ahead for her.

Kesha And Her Colors

In the same interview with Refinery29, Kesha revealed some details about her beauty brand.

The new line promises to be as exciting and as amazing as the brilliant mind behind it. The colors from the Kesha Rose Beauty collection are all bright and shiny. The goal was for every individual to align the colors with their natural aura.

The earth and natural tones, as well as the pop of colors in the makeup collection aim to help people express their individuality through their makeup.

"I have always loved playing with colors to achieve a unique kind of beauty," Kesha said. She furthered that her new beauty line is filled with bright, rainbow, earth and nature-inspired colors to encourage people to have fun and play with their art and makeup.

Kesha also emphasized that her makeup line is not about promoting beauty. She would rather that people see it as a way of expressing themselves and a little less concern about what other people think.

Happiness is beauty and that is what both her makeup line and new album is all about. The palette will reportedly be sold for $36. It will features 12 eye colors in a round red vevet case.

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