'Furious' Kris Jenner Stopping Caitlyn Jenner From Leaking 'Humiliating' Facts About Family

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed a lot about her life in "I'm A Celebrity....Get Me Out Of Here." Along with her stories about herself, she has also detailed some interesting facts about her relationship with Kris Jenner and the rest of the family.

However, apparently, Caitlyn is still holding back in her revelations. According to reports, Kris does not want Caitlyn from sharing more embarrassing facts about the family after her previous revelations in her memoir, "The Secrets Of My Life."

The Secret of The Jenners Revealed

According to RadarOnline, Caitlyn has created a feud within the Kardashian and Jenner family following the revelations she made in her memoir. Kris Jenner has reportedly put a stop to all the "humiliating" family secrets Caitlyn has been talking to people about. 

An insider source of Radar said that Caitlyn is legally bound by law not to talk about Kris or gossip about the family. Caitlyn is also not allowed to share any details about her time with Kris and everything related to their marriage or their relationship. 

The insider added that the split of Kris and Caitlyn was rather an embarrassing one. Furthermore, the memoir of Caitlyn has spilled all the cracks in their marriage.

In the memoir, Caitlyn wrote that she has been taking endorphins to grow her breasts again even while being married to Kris. She further revealed that Kris knew more about the hormone medications than she admits.

Kris, of course, has refused to comment further on anything that Caitlyn says, as she insisted on stopping her through a legal gag order. 

Caitlyn As a Celebrity

During the first episode of "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here," Caitlyn has only mentioned of the big family once before she decided to skydive into the camp.

The 70-year old celebrity has shared that Kendall, Kim and Kourtney have done skydiving in the past. She was trying to convince herself that she could do it, too. Moreover, the former Olympian said that everyone in her family may have gone skydiving before. 

According to the RadarOnline report, a special team in Kris' camp is watching Caitlyn's every move. They are reporting everything that she has said and done in the show in case she decides to talk about Kris or their family. 

The momager had a falling out with her ex-husband, Bruce Jenner -- who now calls herself as Caitlyn since she came out as a transgender woman. They share two children together Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Before their controversial split, Caitlyn was helping Kris raise her other daughters with her first husband. 

After the release of her memoir, Caitlyn and Kris stopped talking to each other. Caitlyn admitted in one of her interviews that Kris made her feel "weak and inferior" during their 23 years of marriage.

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