Prince Harry Could Become Prince Regent -- But It's Tricky!

Prince Harry is now sixth in line for the British throne, after his nephew Prince Louis is born. Could he have the chance to prove himself more or will he eventually quit the royal family?

Chances that Prince Harry will quit royalty are not too slim. In the wake of his wife's problems with the press, Harry may eventually sacrifice his extended family to protect his immediate family.

However, when Prince Harry was yet to be married, he did say that he will want to work out a role for himself and make the most of the time he can go about his royal duties. This, before his nephews and niece grow up and become more engaged in royal engagements.

Senior Royals Against It

However, his father Prince Charles may not be as willing to let his son go. The Queen's son only has two children, Prince William who is to be king after him and Prince Harry.

While Prince William is raising a family of Princes and Princess of his own, it is expected that Harry would help the royal family with hundreds of engagements they have every year.

For years, controversy surrounding Prince Charles' plans to slim down the British monarchy has been very apparent. It is further expected that the future King will only want the royal family streamlined to just his sons, their wives, and their children.

Father to Succeed Queen Very Soon

Furthermore, Prince Charles is said to prepare for the throne in 18 months. As the Queen turns 95, it is believed that Her Majesty will let his son rule as Prince Regent.

Dubbed the "shadow king" by British biographer Robert Lacey for his role in getting rid of Prince Andrew, chances that he will step up on a bigger role is eyed for 2021.

 Still, it is worthwhile to keep in mind Her Majesty's speech when she was just 21. She had declared that "[her] whole life be it long or short shall be devoted to the service of the great imperial family."

Knock On Wood

Prince Charles will take on more royal engagements in behalf of Her Majesty once he ascends as Prince Regent. However, the Prince of Wales is getting along in years himself, now having turned 71 years old on November 14.

In 2014, courtiers have reportedly reviewed the Regency Act to prepare for their next steps. The Regency Act of 1937 was created in response to then-Princess Elizabeth becoming regent when then-King George VI suffered ill health.

It discussed that should the monarch be deemed incapacitated and "not available to carry out royal functions," a temporary regent will be appointed in place.

The provision prepared Prince Charles for the role and Prince William as well as Regent of his father.

But here is the tricky part where Prince Harry himself could become Prince Regent despite being sixth in line to the throne -- The Human Rights Act of 1998.

In most cases, the Regency Act should follow the British succession. However, should the qualifying Regent be under 18 years of age, a Roman Catholic, a non-domicile in the U.K., or not a British subject, such would be disqualified to serve as Regent.

In the event that both the future King Charles III and Prince William become "not available," Prince Harry could rise as Prince Regent.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis would be too young to rise as Regent.

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