Brad Pitt Reveals He's Crying Over Angelina Jolie's Kids A LOT These Days

Brad Pitt has made a name for himself in Hollywood.

The 1994 epic film "Legends of the Fall," where Pitt played alongside Anthony Hopkins, has indeed opened a lot of doors for the young actor, then. It was one of his most iconic roles to date. The two have reunited for the 1998 fantasy drama, "Meet Joe Black."

Pitt and Hopkins have had a long-standing friendship, and they recently found themselves together in Beverly Hills to talk about life, love and embracing their mistakes. 

Believing In Fate

The two actors agreed that they both believe in fate. Hopkins said that at some point in his life, he chose to sit on something powerful that he allowed it to take him somewhere. Hopkins added that maybe it came from the desire to be somewhere else that they could take credit for. 

Pitt said he felt the same way. He is certain that he is taking the credit, but he is still wrestling with taking the blame too. The actor said that he had to come to terms with forgiving himself for all the choices he has made in life. Embracing his mistakes and the embarrassment that he has made has brought him something beautiful. 

There is a kind of learning in that. Pitt added that the world has been too quick to speak of judgments. People cannot be treated like they are disposable, but they also have to learn not to see things in black and white.

Pitt emphasized that people should learn to investigate the gray areas to truly find the light. 

Crying Over The Kids

Everyone has this wall inside of them. They keep a part of it outside with a beautiful wallpaper to hide everything else that is on the other side.

When Brad Pitt was asked how often he cried, the father of five admitted that he was not much a crier himself. He added that it has been 20 nyears since he last cried over something. 

However, Brad Pitt became a bit emotional when he started talking about what was making him feel more sensitive these days. The actor revealed that he finds himself crying over his kids with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. He is moved by their presence in his life, and he believes that the tears were brought about by his separation from his kids.

Although Pitt tried his best to reach out to the kids, the messy divorce he and Jolie are in now has made things even more difficult.

Hopkins then reassured Pitt that it is practically normal for people to become more emotional as they grow older. It is not about grief for what was lost -- it is more of regret for losing what was once there. 

Pitt has not seen his kids with Angelina for quite some time already. Some of them do not talk to him anymore. Months have passed since they were last to have spoken to each other, and this has made him feel truly vulnerable. The actor was a picture of a father longing for his children. 

Hollywood has indeed been blessed with very good actors like Hopkins and Pitt, and when these two great minds come together, the wisdom of some sort comes of what seems like a candid conversation between friends. 

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