"Frozen 2" movie release was on Nov. 20. If you are yet to watch the movie, take caution. There will be spoilers here.

Did you stick around to watch the "Frozen 2" end credits scene? It was a tribute to Kristen Bell's character Anna, Princess of Arendelle.

The end credits featured preparations for Princess Anna's first birthday celebration with her sister. Previous to that she had to spend her birthdays alone. Her parents went missing after a tumultuous storm hit their ship.

Meanwhile, her sister Elsa kept herself behind closed doors afraid of hurting Anna or anyone else with her powers.

The Debut of the Snow Babies

Did Marshmallow, the snow monster Queen Elsa and Olaf get together? Are those snow babies theirs?

One can speculate this scene would play out like Donkey and the Dragon in "Shrek The Third" and "Shrek the Halls."

However, these snow babies are not far off from Olaf. They are very much connected.

The snowbabies that made an appearance in "Frozen 2" are cute as babies but they are really very mischievous little Snowgies. Wow! From trolls and giants, Disney does not disappoint with new little creatures to adore.

The Snowgies are too cute, even Baymax wants to audition to be a Snowgie in the next "Frozen" film, should it be a trilogy or like a spin-off of some sorts. One of the Snowgies actually looked like Baymax and Baymax thinks so too.

Olaf and the Snowgies

Like the bubbly and optimistic snowman Olaf who debuted in the premier of "Frozen," the snowgies are also created by Queen Elsa.

Olaf was originally imagined during Elsa and Anna's playtime. He came to life when Queen Elsa left Arendelle and set her own ice kingdom.

The Snowgies, on the other hand, are created in the strangest way. When normal people sneeze, we spread germs. When Queen Elsa gets a cold, she sneezes Snowgies.

Queen Elsa's cold should be contained and so should the Snowgies. The longer Elsa stays sick, the more Snowgies she creates.

At the end credits scene, the Snowgies were scene scampering off to the courtyard of Arendelle castle. Oh no did they try to ruin Princess Anna's surprise birthday cake!

In the end, Kristoff and Sven were able to gather the Snowgies and even got them to perform for the birthday celebrant. Kristoff has a way with animals and trolls, and now he even finds a way to get through the mischievous created characters.

What Happened to the Snowgies?

Well, Kristoff can only contain the toddler-like energy of the Snowgies who are more than glad to come to life. So after the grand birthday celebration for Princess Anna, they now needed a new home.

The Snowgies cannot stir up more havoc at the castle. Neither should they be left to wander throughout Arendelle.

So Kristoff, Sven, and even Olaf took the liberty to take the Snowgies back to the Ice Palace Queen Elsa made in the first "Frozen" movie. The palace's structure was kept strong with Elsa's powers.

At the ice kingdom, the Snowgies have a larger place to play around. They will live there happily and make a nuisance with Marshmallow, the ice giant created by Queen Elsa.

Do the Snowgies Have Names?

Yes, they do! Uncle Olaf has named each and every one of them. Olaf named the 13 Snowgies some very cool (pun intended) names like Fridge, Slush, Flake, and Crystal.

Olaf is great at giving names. He names the rest of them just fun names from the top of his mind. We have Sludge, Slide, and Squalor. Perhaps they are the most rambunctious of all?

Olaf pampered the rest of the Snowgies with names like Powder, Pat, and Sphere. Then again there were names taken from royalty and books too like William and Ansel.

Interesting Trivia About the Snowgies

Unlike Olaf, the Snowgies do not need a cloud of snow to stay cool in the heat of the sun. They do not actually melt in the heat.

Snowgies also represent Elsa's personality in a way, in particular with her love for fun and adventure.

The new characters for the "Frozen" sequel are written about in Chapter 8 of "Return to the Ice Palace" the book that inspired the movie. It is part of "Anna & Elsa: Sisterhood is the Strongest Magic" book series.

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