Kanye West has a well-established name not only in the U.S but also worldwide. Despite his far-reaching career, it turns out it never reached Caitlyn Jenner's ears.

Kanye plans to release new albums entitled Jesus Is Born on Christmas Day and Jesus Is King II following his ninth studio album "Jesus Is King".

Since 1996, the American rapper has been the recipient of numerous awarding bodies and written hit songs like "Stronger", "Mercy", and "I Love It". He gained more popularity when he married the prominent media personality Kim Kardashian on May 24, 2014.  

Despite these direct connections, Caitlyn Jenner admitted that she does not know any of his songs.

Kim's stepfather confessed in the recent episode of the ITV reality series "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" where the former Olympian was asked to cover one of her son-in-law's long list of songs.

"Unfortunately I do not know any Kanye West songs. I am going to get into so much trouble when I get home," Caitlyn told co-celebrity and campmate, Nadine Coyle.

The 70-year-old star kept on opening up about her family ever since she made it to the ITV series. But it seems like she is not interested enough to learn about the other closest people to her the Kardashian and Jenner clan.

Not The First Time She Surprised the Fans

Though she left her fans surprised about her recent claims on not knowing any of Kanye's songs, Caitlyn made a more unexpected revelation this month.

Roman Kemp, Ian Wright, and Cliff Parisi asked Caitlyn if her daughters need top security wherever they go due to their intense popularity.

"Everywhere. I bet you Kylie would spend anywhere between $300,000- $400,000 a month," Jenner divulged.

Her campmates found it as "lots of money" to reserve for security. But to think that Kylie is currently the youngest self-made billionaire who recently sold half of Kylie Cosmetics for $600 million, the said amount is a small price to pay for her safety.

Knowing that her daughters need to go to that extent made her feel "sad," but she assured that they all like the security staff.

All The Surprising Stories Started Here

"I'm A Celebrity" became Caitlyn's stage where she felt like she can share anything without any restrictions, and so far, she disclosed even the history of their hit-series "Keeping Up with The Kardashians".

Roman Kemp, her campmate, got curious about how "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" began and inquired whose idea it was.

Despite Kris Jenner's attempts to stop her from revealing so much "humiliating" family secrets and facts in the show, Caitlyn remained unbothered and told a brief history of KUWTK to the people in the camp.

The former Olympic Gold Medalist began detailing the establishment of the show, and she started to recollect how she and Kris sat on the bed while "The Osbournes" -- the reality TV show which featured Ozzy Osbourne and his family -- was on the air.

During that time, the reality TV program topped the trending list, and they got the idea of making their show out of it.

"They gave us a budget for six episodes and one camera," Caitlyn revealed. "And we started shooting, and before we got done the shooting, they ordered [now] twelve episodes instead of six".

The 17-season old "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" currently has 247 episodes where the members of Kardashians-Jenners clan show their daily lives and secrets.

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