Jason Derulo claimed to be a victim of double standards on social media. He said all these while apologizing for the size of his junk down there.

Well-played, indeed. 

Before his viral underwear photo by a pool in Bali was taken down by Instagram, the "Want to Want Me" singer flaunted what can be considered as "larger" than life goods. According to the notice that Instagram sent Derulo, the singer's photo was showing off his "aroused genitalia." The notice was referring to the bulge in his briefs. 

Derulo Denied Nudity On Post

Although he has already expressed his disappointment over the social media platform, Derulo clarified that he was not at aroused in the photo. Rather, he called it a "semi" sitch. He emphasized the male's basic anatomy to support this claim of his. 

When he was asked about what he thought of Instagram's explanation, Deluro sai "I wasn't even fully aroused." The 30-year old hunk admitted that he may have a "semi" but it was not an arousal at all.

As Jason claimed, if he were aroused, his fans would be able to see the difference. The original positioning of the photo may have given the impression that he was aroused, but he swore that he was not. 

Apparently, as the singer claimed, his "anaconda" may be bigger than what his fans thought they saw. Before Instagram removed the singer's sexy photo claiming that it showed nudity, Derulo joked about it with a commenter who asked him what animal he was hiding in his underwear.

The singer jokingly said it was an "anaconda."

On the other hand, there is also an issue of shrinkage of the suit that he was wearing. He just emerged from the pool when the photo was taken, so the shrinkage of the suit should not be an issue at all.

Derulo believes that the suit he was wearing was just right. The thing speaks for itself. He dismissed allegations and simply said that he was "gifted" down there. 

Instagram is Discriminatory

Jason Derulo is making a very serious claim against Instagram. He said that Instagram discriminated him for his natural blessings "down" there.

The singer told TMZ that he wants equality. He demands that his post be put back for others to indulge in. Derulo is appealing to Instagram to stop hating on men like him whose bulges down there really "show."

Jason also called on the social media platform to "stop the hate."

For the fans who liked what they saw, they would be even happier to know that Derulo is single. Although he emphasized that he is not interested in dating anybody seriously.

Jason Derulo was last linked to Jordin Sparks. He claimed that the relationship made him realize that he did not have to be in a relationship. Instead, he wants to focus on improving his craft.

Derulo further said that he does not have the time to give to anybody. "I'm very much single."

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