Jason Derulo was furious after Instagram took down his photo for nudity. His steamy photo featured him by the pool in Bali wearing a rather tight swimwear. 

The "Talk Dirty" singer took it to social media to express his apparent disappointment on Instagram's decision to take down the photo he shared in his private account. He shared a screenshot of the official notice he received from the social media platform, which claims that the content he posted violated the guidelines set by Instagram.

It Must Be The Goods

The collective internet audience went wild when the artist first shared the photo with a caption, "Good Morning!"

The viral photo showed Jason Derulo over an exotic backdrop. He was in Bali then and was wearing nothing else but the jewelry around his neck and his underwear that was wrapped snugly around the crotch area. 

His hard-to-miss manhood did not go unnoticed. The revealing bottoms he was wearing gave it away. After realizing the splash that his photo made online, the singer found himself joking about it with his online followers.

In the series of comments that expressed how much they liked the photo, the singer asked, "Don't lie..did you zoom?" One follower asked him what animal he was hiding in his underwear. Derulo jokingly replied, "anaconda." 

In his most recent post, Derulo alluded to the comment he gave the original post and introduced the hashtag #bringbackAnaconda. In an interview with a TMZ reporter in late November, Derulo said that he, too, was surprised that the photo became viral.

Jason never thought that it would take on a life of its own. He furthered that never did it cross his mind that his "nude" photo would be the most liked one. 

When asked if any form of enhancement or retouching was done to the photo before it was posted, Derulo was quick to feign indignation and said that it was an accurate depiction of how endowed he is down there. Moreover, he emphasized the thought by saying, "Just know...us Haitians, we look different. 

Derulo's Protest

The steamy photo of the singer became viral for all the good reasons. Derulo also took it to social media to protest the removal of his photo.

The fans who have seen the photo could visibly notice the outline around the crotch under the black swimsuit he was wearing, and they could not help but react. Derulo, himself, enjoyed participating in what he never thought would be trending news. 

Deluro reposted the notice he received from Instagram and captioned it with, "F--k u mean? I have underwear on." The caption continued saying that the singer could not help if his size was noticeable.

The notice from Instagram cited its reasons for taking down the viral photo, saying that the photo may contain "nudity or sexual activity." 

Per PEOPLEa spokesperson from Facebook (who owns Insatagram) said that the image violated the site's guidelines, particularly because it featured an "aroused genitalia." The spokesperson added that the site puts down posts that include genitals, sexual intercourse and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks.

Though the picture was already taken down, it seems that Instagram has already made its point. Nobody can get away with too much sexiness online.

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