Build a Basic Healthy Hair Care Routine for 2020 with These 5 Amazon Products

Admit it or not, we do a lot of things to our hair that consequently damages it. That is why having a healthy hair care routine of your beauty routine is essential.

From hair masks to scalp mist, there are a variety of hair products on the market designed to keep your tresses in tip-top shape.

But first, if you want to get your hair to become extremely healthy, you need to ask an expert hairstylist what hair texture you have and what you need to do to make it healthy. Your hair care routine should have structure, repetition and consistency in the lifelong process of taking care of your hair.

Just think of it as your hair's meal plan. You plan it out in advance to ensure that you have everything you need, then you follow through, then you repeat.

The key to natural, healthy hair is to establish a regimen that works with your hair.

Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Your hair is the most delicate when it is wet, so be careful not to brush it too hard or you will easily break the strands.

If you really want to brush your wet hair, then purchase a hair brush specifically made for it. The Wet Brush Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush might be best for you.

Wet Brush
(Photo : Amazon)

Detoxify Your Hair

Detoxifying the hair sounds weird, because you only detoxify your body and skin but not the hair. However, think about what it os like going out to a bar: your hair would reek of cigarettes the next day. That only means there is pollution not only in your body and skin but also in your hair.

Polyaromatic hydrocarbons from the smoke usually cling to the hair.

So the best solution is to do a hair mask treatment for a day-after recovery. Using Argan Oil Hair Mask is recommended.

Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask
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Avoid Over-Washing The Hair

Even though it is important to shower daily, that does not mean you have to wash your hair every single day. How about once or twice a week?

A lot of shampoo removes the natural oils from your hair, making it dry and frizzy with an itchy scalp. Even for those with oily hair, it is not necessary to wash your hair more than twice a week.

You may opt to use dry shampoo like Klorane Dry Shampoo Powder with Oat Milk , Non-Aerosol Formula.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
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Condition Correctly

Using a conditioner is important after washing your hair with any shampoo. Unless your hair is long like Rapunzel's, a nickel-size drop of conditioner is already a lot for most textures and lengths.

It is essential to make sure your scalp gets hydration as well, so having a WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set is ideal. Leave it on for a full minute before washing it out.

Be Mindful of Your Hair Products' Ingredients

Staring down the aisle or in Amazon with lots of haircare options can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, always remember to pick out products and narrow them down to options that you are looking for.

For example, you have dry hair, and you want to get a product with strengthening ingredients that will nourish the strands.

So choose a shampoo that will give and help you with your hair troubles. 

Wow Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo + Hair Conditioner Duo
(Photo : Amazon)

Shield Your Hair From The Sun

UV rays do not just damage the skin. When you style your hair, apply a product that will surely protect your strands.

Guard your hair against environmental factors with an antioxidant-rich scalp and hair mist with SPF like the Sun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Repair Spray.

Sun Bum Revitalizing 3-in-1 Repair Hair and Scalp Mist with SPF
(Photo : Amazon)

Trim Regularly

You need regular haircuts to ensure that your hair strands stay healthy and do not break off at the ends.

Lower The Shower Temperature.

Showering with hot water will weaken your hair and irritate the scalp. With that said, it is essential to keep the temperature on the warm side then later do a cold-water rinse to seal the hair cuticles shut with moisture.

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