Queen Elizabeth II Not Letting Prince Charles Rule The Monarchy Anytime Soon -- Here's Why

​It seems Prince Charles needs to take his time in preparing for the throne, as Queen Elizabeth reportedly does not have any plans to step down anytime soon.

When Prince Charles came back from his New Zealand tour, he went straight to Prince Philip in Sandringham to discuss the issues surrounding Prince Andrew. He only had that one sole reason to see his father but when their talks went on, he also heard Prince Philip's disapproval on his plans for the monarchy.

Nonetheless, the heir to the throne still excitedly talked about the forthcoming retirement of Queen Elizabeth II and his preparations to become the king. However, it looks Her Majesty does not want to retire yet, most especially now that her favorite son Prince Andrew is in the middle of a giant fiery pit.

Mrs. Margaret Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin, told PEOPLE that Her Majesty pledged to offer her entire life serving the monarchy and kept that promise in a letter. If that is the case, then Prince Charles has no chance to be the King of the monarchy even when her mother reaches the age of 95.

However, in the Prince of Wales 2018 biography "In Charles at Seventy," the royal biographer Robert Jobson stated that Her Majesty will start a period of regency if she is still alive when she turns 95. Queen Elizabeth II will pass the full power to reign the monarchy to Prince Charles.

The Process of Regency Is Not Easy

What seems to be an easy way to hand the crown to the heir is actually harder than what people imagine.

The Regency Act allows the Queen to pass down most of her royal duties to the regent, but she will still technically be the Queen of the British Monarchy.

Before this period starts, the Speaker of House of Commons, the Chancellor and Prince Philip should all agree and testify that Queen Elizabeth II truly wants to finally step out of the spotlight.

According to the biographer of Her Royal Highness and the Prince of Wales, Sally Bedell Smith, the whole process of Regency requires an all-out decision by the whole Royal family if the monarch can no longer perform her duties.

"The Queen can't just wave a queen wand and say Charles you are my regent. It's not her call - and it's not his call," Smith added.

If this will be pushed through, even if Queen Elizabeth II decides to lighten her loads, no coronation event will take place before her death.

Queen Starts Handing Things Over Little by Little 

In recent years, Queen Elizabeth II divided her royal travels to her children, with Prince Charles gaining the most since he currently has over 600 engagements per year -- making him the busiest royal family member as of this moment.

Her Majesty also lets the heir to the throne to do all the activities she used to carry out before, like laying wreaths at the memorials and attending investitures.

Queen Elizabeth II surely prepares her eldest son to be King, but it is not the right time yet for him to solely rule the monarchy.

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