Prince Philip Doubts Prince Charles: Son NOT FIT To Be King

When it seems like everything is already happening according to his plans, Prince Charles' father, Prince Philip, suddenly goes on his way.

In 2012, Prince Charles divulged his "future vision" to re-establish the monarchy by trimming down and shutting out wider members of the monarchy.

Once he becomes king, Prince Charles would only be highlighting the works by those closer to the throne -- which include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall. This vision would also slash down the number of working royals to reduce the royal family's costs.

Currently, Prince Charles has 600 engagements per year. With this fact alone, royal watchers thought that the heir to the throne has prepared himself since day one and let himself to learn more about the monarchy alone.

But even when he already trained himself to be King soon, King Philip still has doubts over his son's leadership skills.

When Prince Charles jetted back from New Zealand, he traveled straight to Sandringham to meet his father, Prince Philip, and seek advice regarding Prince Andrew's disastrous BBC interview. However, the Duke of Edinburgh also left some words of wisdom for the soon-to-be king.

A source told The Sun that the talks did not go "smoothly" as it should be. Aside from the "crisis meeting" to talk about Prince Andrew, Prince Philip reportedly told Prince Charles about his disapproval of his plans to cut out other royal members.

According to the Duke of Edinburg, modernizing the monarchy is "harmful" and Prince Charles' plans to pursue this is making him "too political."

Moreover, Prince Philip went against his son's proposal to transform the Buckingham Palace into a "space for the nation," which meant there will be a need to relocate the Royal Family's base to Windsor Castle.

The claims made by the source was later on supported by royal author Catherine Mayer. She said that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip memorized the precise way to "do" the monarchy, and yet Prince Charles came to tell everyone that he wants to transform everything differently.

Prince Charles to Take Over SOON

Prince Philip withdrew from his royal duties at the age of 95. Queen Elizabeth will turn 95 in 2021, the year which can also possibly mark the transition of the monarch.

According to The Sun, Her Royal Highness may use the remaining months to prepare Prince Charles to become Prince Regent.

A source also divulged in the same report that the scandal about Prince Andrews's ties with Epstein gave the Prince of Wales a chance to step into the light and prove that he can run the palace.

People has called him the "shadow King" after British biographer Robert Lacey exclusively told the Times of London that Prince Charles and Prince William convinced the Queen to get rid of Prince Andrew.

Since he already started his role as the next King, royal watchers believe that they will now see him more in royal affairs while Queen Elizabeth II spends her remaining time as the Queen of the monarchy.

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