A teaser trailer and the full trailer of the long-anticipated second "Wonder Woman" film finally dropped this weekend.

"Wonder Woman 1984" still stars Israeli beauty queen and actress Gal Gadot. Fans are eager to see the second movie, which is scheduled to be released in summer 2020.

The first teaser generated even more excitement for the full trailer. It shows the heroine in a decade defined by "Ghostbusters," Mary Jane, big hair, and iconic musicians.

Diana Prince is wearing a brighter suit, which is set to capture the nostalgia of the 1980s. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, fought against police.

Diana does most of the damage during the fight by deflecting bullets with some stylish lassoing using her Lasso of Truth on the footage. Steve is also holding his own against a guard. 

Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, can also be seen raising his hands in the center with a machine, possibly to get his telepathic powers.

The final few seconds of the video enchantingly shows the Hippolyta-born Queen striking a lightning bolt with her lasso. All of it was pack in a 20-second video.

The Official Trailer of "Wonder Woman 1984"  

The official trailer was released Sunday, 3:30 PM ET. The follow-up to its 2017 "Wonder Woman" film puts Diana in the conflict of the cold war. She is in a dark place after losing most of her friends over the years.

During the weekend's Comic-Con in Brazil, Gadot said that Wonder Woman is "quite lonely" and is  "doing what she needs to do."

There is also a new villain, Barbara Minerva, played by "Saturday Night Live's" Kristen Wiig. Wiig's character is an archeologist who, by way of a lost city and an ancient ritual, ended up channeling Cheetah, an ancient goddess.

Cheetah is known within DC Comics as one of Wonder Woman's archnemesis. She appeared in a 1943 episode. It will be the first time that Cheetah appears in a live-action movie.

Diana and Barbara, according to the trailer, became friends but will obviously take a turn for the worse. Diana said in one of her heroic speeches that "nothing good is born from lies."

Steve Trevor's Story

Now, the real question is: how does Steve Trevor, who sacrificed himself in the first film, comes back 70 years later? There were no clues on that yet. They also teased that the two lovers will have a "great love story" on the film.

Patty Jenkins remains the director and writer for "1984." It is not necessarily a direct sequel but an installment, similar to "Indiana Jones" or "James Bond."

Charles Roven, a producer of this film and many other DC movies such as "Justice League," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the "Dark Knight" trilogy, explained that he would like to avoid any perception of the S word.

"She was just determined that this movie should be the next iteration of Wonder Woman but not a sequel," Roven explained.

He added, "Even though it'll have a lot of the same emotional things, the same humor, a lot of brave action, it will be a completely different story that we're telling."

The film was initially set for a December 2019 release but was pushed to June 5, 2020, a month after the release of Marvel's "Black Widow."

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