Nothing is more fulfilling for someone like Caitlyn Jenner than to uplift people like her in the LGBTQ community and to receive something positive in return.

Caitlyn fans witnessed how she struggled during her first night in the camp, as she tried to figure out if she was doing the right thing.

Jenner bared her thoughts, asking if being there is the right way to use her time -- especially now that she is getting older. She even thought about going home instead to play with her grandchildren; however, she needed to do something she never did in the past before she could go back home.

Caitlyn endured it until she was voted out of the camp before they crowned Jacqueline Jossa as the winner.

For three weeks, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" viewers and Caitlyn's fans saw how genuine she is as a person. Fans learned more information about her, as she revealed her life story to her campmates, earning more respect because of that.

Nonetheless, the "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star joined the reality TV series because she needed more than that.

During her appearance on the "I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp," Caitlyn talked with Emily Atack and openly disclosed what she wanted to gain and give during her participation in the series.

"One of the reasons I wanted to do this show is because obviously I'm trans and I've had to deal with this all my life," Caitlyn said as she divulged her reason why she joined in the reality TV series.

"There's a lot of other people that are behind closed doors. Everybody's got stuff and everybody's got things that they have to deal with."

The 70-year-old star said that she wanted to be a positive inspiration to people and let them know that they can still live their lives despite all their differences.

Jenner also pushed people to go out if they want to and do the same things she can do while trying to be themselves.

After Caitlyn delivered those inspirational words, she fought back her tears as she received recognition from the staff of "I'm A Celebrity".

Caitlyn's Struggles as a Transwoman

Caitlyn revealed her fight of 65 years before coming out in public, and she did not find it as an easy path to tread on at all.

According to Jenner, the years she consumed on training herself to grasp her greatest sporting achievement were also the years she felt like she was running away from the issues she had.

"I trained 12 years for the games. I trained 65 years to transition in 2015," Jenner opened up. "It was harder to do -- it was less accepted."

Caitlyn's "issues" pushed her to work harder for Olympics glory. She detailed her harsh tale further, telling how everyone loved her games but hated her guts after she came out during the end of her transition.

However, her encounters did not end there.

Caitlyn once raised nearly $2.6 million and handed the amount to numerous trans organizations. Despite her efforts to support them, the community she helped prevented her from showing up since she was "too controversial."

Even though she received nothing but criticisms, Caitlyn still raised the LGBTQ flag and let the public know that their feelings are valid, too.

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