The "American Royal Family" is not acting like royals towards Caitlyn Jenner at all.

Caitlyn never failed to mention the Kardashian-Jenner clan ever since she entered as one of the celebrity participants on ITV's "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here." She even proudly told her co-celebrities that they are the U.S. royal family.

However, Caitlyn's stories only remained as tales since the members of her family did not show genuine and whole support since day one.

Her family snubbed Caitlyn so hard in one episode of "I'm A Celebrity" when she got a letter from her dogs instead of sweet messages from her family.

The single letter, which left the viewers shocked and in tears, only contained a four-word message saying, "Love you, stay strong."

Instead of getting unhappy because of what she received, Caitlyn just took it positively.

"The nice part about tonight was getting that little bit of contact from your family, to know that they love you and can't wait for you to get out of the jungle," Jenner said.

However, it turned out that she was excited about nothing.

The viewers learned that no one from her family was there to wait for Caitlyn at the end of the bridge after the star got eliminated from the show. They immediately took to Twitter to show their dismay toward the clan for not greeting her, which is a long-standing tradition when someone has been voted off the reality TV show.

She Was Not Alone

Amid all the backlash the Kardashian-Jenner family has received for being unsupportive of Caitlyn, her business partner Sophia Hutchins still showed her support.

Throughout Caitlyn's stay in the camp, Sophia posting a photo with her and her dogs alongside the caption, "We are all rooting for you @caitlynjenner on @imacelebritylive on @itv."

Sophia added another surprise when she prepared something for the former Olympian upon her arrival at her hotel. Caitlyn revealed on her Instagram Story that Sophia flew to Australia to meet her after going out of the jungle.

"Just got out of the jungle, and getting hair and makeup done, and boy do I need it! I haven't had it in weeks, but when I came out of the jungle I had a lot of friends there," Caitlyn added.

According to Daily Mail Showbiz editor Mark Jefferies, the episode aired when Sophia was on her way to Australia. His tweet took the fans' worries away and assured that Caitlyn's business partner would be meeting her to surprise her.

Sophia also shared her first moment with Caitlyn who came back to civilization. She later posted a photo of herself and Caitlyn on the beach and captioned it with "So happy you're out of the jungle! @caitlynjenner."

They Wanted To Support Her Secretly?

Despite all issues though, the Kardashian-Jenner clan defended themselves and told people that they wanted to support her secretly.

A source told MailOnline that Caitlyn's family found it hard to watch her participate in the series since she is the complete opposite of the character she is showing right now.

"Caitlyn is being completely herself in the jungle and that is why the public is loving her. She is extremely kind and generous so it's no surprise that she isn't involved with any of the arguments in the jungle!"

The insider also stated that the clan has been truly watching her from home and felt shattered when Caitlyn broke down in tears at the start of her journey, wanting to finally quit for the first time.

But now that she is out of the jungle, Caitlyn still failed to receive all-out support from them. Whether it disappointed the star or not, only Caitlyn knows how she feels right now.

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