So Bitter? Kourtney Kardashian Begs Ex Scott Disick Not to Marry Sofia Ritchie!

Kourtney Kardashian

Fans have seen Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's Relationship bloom and fail in the first few seasons of "Keeping Up with the Kardashian."

Many things have changed between them. Everyone knows they are not together anymore and are only co-parenting to their three cute children.

Kourtney returned to the dating scene while Scott is in a committed relationship with a younger woman, Sofia Richie. They do not mind the age difference, as Sofia is close to the age of the youngest Kar-Jenner sister, Kylie.

Even though Scott has cheated on Kourtney multiple times, he stays loyal to Sofia. In fact, a lot of people thought it was weird and so unlikely of him, but maybe he is just really in love with the young model.

However, with rumors surfacing that Scott and Sofia are going to tie the knot anytime soon, Kourtney is reportedlydoing her best to stop them (per RadarOnline).

According to the RadarOnline source, Kourtney's friends and family are suspicious behind her motive of tearing the couple apart, saying, "She swears this is for Scott's best interests and not because she's still in love with him, but nobody's buying it."

From the KUWTK reality star's perspective, the couple's "fling" has been doomed from the start.

"From day one, Kourt's been panicking about this relationship, saying it'll end in tears and Sofia's too spaced out and young to be marriage material - let alone a stepmom to her kids," the source said.

RadarOnline's source furthered that Kourtney has really talked to Scott and begged him to think twice before putting a ring on Sofia's finger.


Unfortunately, Kourtney was reportedly told by Scott to back off and "stop being bitter."

Everyone thought that Kourtney has already made peace with her past and was okay with her baby daddy's relationship. However, many speculations are rising that Kourtney might still be in love with her ex.

It is not just Kourtney who is reported to have uncertainties with the couple's relationship. Sofia's dad, Lionel Ritchie, has reportedly accepted their relationship but is not 100% on-board with it, according to E! News.

Scott to Propose For Show?

Kourtney's mom, on the other hand, wanted something different. Kris Jenner is reportedly pushing Scott to propose on camera, but he remains reluctant.

Scott reportedly said that he wants to do it under his terms, but the Kar-Jenner momager is getting impatient since there is nothing juicy to show on their reality show.

Radar's source also confirmed that Scott is really in love with Sofia, and it is "so obvious," but he refused to be forced into anything.

In another report, Sofia is said to be already pressuring her boyfriend to pop the question and thinks that this is the perfect time to do it.

Their informant added, "Although Scott is telling her to slow down, she is not going to. She really feels like they need to get married and have some babies."

Scott is enjoying what they have now, and he likes how Sofia keeps him young, but "they don't need rings to be in love."

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