First Epic Girls' Trip for 2020: 5 Things You Should Take With You From Amazon

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Having a girls' trip is fun - but there are so many things to consider. You have to take where everyone wants to go, the flights, the meals, what's the budget like, and the accommodations that encourage togetherness. 

Planning is so important, but bringing the essentials is even more crucial. Plan way in advance, and don't forget to take these five items when you go on your girls' trip next year! 

Instant Polaroid Camera

There are already numerous apps on the smartphone that can mimic film shots and film frames, but nothing beats an actual instant film camera. 

Take a break from using your phone and feel nostalgic with this camera. Staring at a screen doesn't always cut it. It would also be nice to have an actual photo to put up or remember as you go on your journey - no need for a printer since it automatically prints a second after you snap. 

This Fujifilm camerais lightweight and less-hassle. Aside from this, you also get free films and accessories for its price. 

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Whether or not the sun touches your skin, it's still essential to put on some sunscreen. Despite being inside, sitting inside your car, or the airplane makes you more exposed to the sun's air harmful rays than you may realize.

Some cars and plane windows can block UV rays but can still pass through, especially at elevated levels, which can further damage your skin and can even get more intense as the plane goes up. 

So put on your some sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before you leave the house or before your flight and remember to reapply every two hours. 

For sensitive skin, you may opt to use this La Roche-Posay Melt-in Sunscreen with SPF 60that's oil-free and perfect for sensitive skin.

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The Perfect Red Lipstick

Having a handy red lipstick is vital in every woman's kit. Some women feel conscious just wearing lipstick, but there are such benefits to it. 

If you're wearing a simple outfit, wearing red lipstick could make yourself look put together. Red lipstick also enhances your facial features, but it also helps you hide imperfections. For instance, the person will instantly look at your lips instead of your zit. 

So whether or not you're going to need makeup, you need to always have a red lipstick with you wherever you go. You don't know when you're going to need it. 

One of our favorites is the classic Mac Ruby Woo.

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It's essential to have an additional power source or battery when you're out and about. People rely heavily on their phones these days, especially when it comes to maps, searching for the best restaurant, the nearest pharmacy, and so on.

It's already a must-have accessory if you own a smartphone. After all, we know all smartphones don't have the best battery. 

We suggest you try this particular 10000mAh power bank. It's lightweight and can charge your phone in full, twice. 

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Hand Sanitizer

Being out and about means that you're hands are touching everywhere, and germs are everywhere. 

By having a hand sanitizer, it requires less time than hand washing and can act quickly to kill microorganisms in the hands. 

It also resists even more germs, and some can even improve skin condition. 

If you like hand sanitizers with scents, Bath and Body Works5-Pack edition is the perfect bundle to enjoy, especially if you like the smell of Christmas.

Bath and Body Works
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