5 Best Bullet Journal Supplies For Beginners in Amazon 2020


Are you planning to start your bullet journal journey in 2020? Anytime is always a good time to start expressing your thoughts and write about your emotions.

However, starting out in journal writing can be a bit overwhelming. From choosing the right notebook to use to the right pen combinations, it can be quite easy to get caught up in all of it. Fortunately, a Brooklyn-based designer used the Bullet Journal System to help her keep things organized. 

With all the changes that the bullet journal has gone through, experts could only tell what is more important. Most of them say that it is not about the beautiful accessories that you can use. Rather, it is about finding the supplies that you can trust, as the whole point of bullet journaling is to keep the distractions away so you could maintain your focus. 

So before you get lost in buying all the basics for bullet journaling for beginners in Amazon for 2020, here are the top five supplies you must not forget to purchase:

Good Days Start With Gratitude

It is a 52-week guide to starting the day right. Not only does it cultivate positive thinking, but it also allows people to feel a sense of gratitude for the life they have been given.

This journal is designed to help you explore who you are so that you can discover what you want. Every well-designed spread contains a quote for inspiration, a small space to write the three things you are thankful for and a weekly checkpoint. 

46 Pack Journal Planner Colored Pens

It comes with 40 unique bright colors that are commonly used but not does come with duplicates. All the colors in the pack are vivid, making it perfect for writing and doodling.

These fineliners also come with reusable stencils to make journaling more fun. Turn great artistic ideas into wonderful artwork pieces in your very own journal. 

Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal by HUSTLE Co

This is the perfect bullet journal notebook with 160 numbered pages and a 5mm dotted grid. It is a book bound to ensure durability when laid flat.

It comes with a stylish black faux leather that gives it a corporate look. The journal is perfect because of the think pages that it contains, making it easier to use markers without worrying about blotting.

Tombow 56187 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Nobody is ever too old for markers. And this is for those who do not want to outgrow their love for images and designs.

It is ideal both for lettering and faux calligraphy. Each pack comes in a plastic case that will keep all 10 pastel colors of assortment in place. It is odorless and the best part is that it does not bleed. 

52 Rolls Washi Tape

This collection of decorative masking tape from Japan is perfect. The pack comes with 52 rolls at 13 ft long.

The designs are so cute that when you open the pack, you simply cannot stop. The best part about this washi tape pack is that it comes with extras, so you get to use more and still pay less. Isn't it great?

Journaling eases the mind and provides more room to ponder on thoughts. Not only is it about making a list and ticking each one at the end of the day. Rather, it is about getting yourself organized and your thoughts on the page to ensure that you are on the right track. 

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