From serum, moisturizer to sunscreen, there are so many things you can do for your hair. But for the scalp? It is mostly just a lather, rinse and repeat type of routine with the occasional heavy-handed spritzes of dry shampoo. 

The scalp is a problematic type of skin to manage. Not only does it have an incredible number of follicles with hair growing out of them, but it is also difficult to wash and maintain, unlike other areas of the skin. 

Oil is produced in the layers of the skin, and for some, an overly dry scalp is the problem. 

With specialized products targeted for the scalp, brands are now taking inspiration from skincare formulas to tackle scalp care requirements. 

Professional hair and scalp treatments are helpful to address troubles of the scalp and hair quality. Here are some of the benefits of scalp treatments. 

It normalizes the secretion of oil: Excess oil secretion causes limp hair and can also give rise to dandruff. Low oil secretion, on the other hand, can cause flaking, which leads to dull and dry hair. 

By using a treatment, you will help normalize oil secretion and will necessarily deliver enough oil to make the hair smooth and silky. 

It helps get rid of dandruff: A combination of stress and fizz -- you get yourself some dandruff. There are a lot of DIY methods that contain ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, eggs and milk to give the nutrients your scalp and hair needs while driving dandruff away. 

It helps fight ageing scalp:  Ageing scalp leads to greying hair and hair loss. To delay scalp ageing, you need to try advance age-defying products. 

It offers deep conditioning: Deep conditioning is obligatory for sturdier hair follicles, as it invigorates the scalp to create a strong base for the scalp and hair. 

What's the best way to shampoo and condition to have a healthy scalp? 

Correct application and dispersal of the shampoo on the scalp with circular movements to purify the scalp and lather the shampoo are vital.  

What's the best ideal scalp care regimen?

Step 1: Cleanse With a Shampoo And Condition Your Hair to Keep it Smooth And Silky.  

We recommend the Head and Shoulder Moisture Renewal, Anti Dandruff Treatment and Scalp Care with Coconut Oil shampoo, together with the conditioner. It has "royal oil" that is expertly designed for scalp relief. 

Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner
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Step 2: Add an Added Moisturizer to Your Hair

During the day, you will surely get frizzes and tangles. By using It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product, you will be able to restore shine while protecting your scalp and hair from UV. It has Vitamin C, linseed extract, aloe vera and sunflower seed extract. 

Just spritz it in your hair and scalp during the day, whenever and wherever you are. 

Leave On
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Step 3: Do a Weekly Hair And Scalp Treatment. 

The hair and scalp treatment will lock the nutrients in and keep the pollutants out. 

The Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask contains three naturally-derived extracts designed to penetrate each layer of the hair strand which treats the hair from inside and out. It is also formulated to treat extra-dry, damaged, over-processed and color-treated hair. 

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