Queen Elizabeth Bored Prince Charles To Sleep During IMPORTANT Speech!

Royal watchers know how busy the year has been for Prince Charles as the heir to the throne. But they did not expect him to fall asleep while Queen Elizabeth II was delivering her speech.

In recent years, Queen Elizabeth II divided her royal travels to her children, with Prince Charles gaining the most since he currently has over 600 engagements per year -- making him the busiest royal family member as of this moment.

Her Majesty also lets the heir to the throne  do all the activities she used to carry out before, like laying wreaths at the memorials and attending investitures.

Queen Elizabeth II surely prepares her eldest son to be King, but it is not the right time yet for him to solely rule the monarchy. The Prince of Wales may also feel exhausted with all these engagements, and he unexpectedly showed his weariness during an event with Her Majesty.

Prince Charles Dozed Off?

Her Royal Highness always delivers a speech every first day of parliament. Prince Charles, as the next King, accompanies Her Majesty in every royal business they do.

The Queen delivered the speech as an opening remark on the recent parliament event, but the Prince of Wales appeared to be sleepy even when he sat next to her mother.

Express stated that Prince Charles can be seen in a video blinking "a few times" to keep himself awake before completely lodsing battle against drowsiness. The sudden caught-off-guard moment turned into something unbelievable, most especially when the Queen's message was actually about a cause close to Prince Charles' heart: climate change.

The Queen stated in her speech: "My Government will continue to take steps to meet the world's leading target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It will continue to lead the way in tackling global climate change, hosting the COP26 summit in 2020."

The event was the last public event of the Queen and Prince Charles before they head back to Sandringham to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the royal family. Unfortunately, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be with them after they announced their six-week break from royal duties months ago.

Prince Charles, Soon-to-Be King

Since Prince Charles has already started his role as the "shadow King," royal watchers believe that they will now see him more in royal affairs while Queen Elizabeth II spends her remaining time as the Queen of the monarchy.

Prince Philip withdrew from his royal duties at the age of 95. Queen Elizabeth will turn 95 in 2021, the year which can also possibly mark the transition of the monarch.

According to The Sun, Her Royal Highness may use the remaining months to prepare Prince Charles to become Prince Regent.

If the Queen will not completely pass down the throne, then the Regency Act is a must. The act will allow the Queen to step down and give most of her royal duties to the regent, but she will still technically be the Queen of the British Monarchy.

Before this period starts, the Speaker of House of Commons, the Chancellor and Prince Philip should all agree and testify that Queen Elizabeth II truly wants to finally step out of the spotlight.

If this will be pushed through, even if Queen Elizabeth II decides to lighten her loads, no coronation event will take place before her death.

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