Top 5 Water Bottles From Amazon To Keep You Hydrated Throughout 2020

Fun fact: Did you know that if you drink lots of water every day, you will not have time for other people's drama because you will be too busy peeing? Stay hydrated, friends! It gives you peace of mind. 

Kidding aside, everyone knows that drinking at least eight glasses or 2 liters of water is essential in our everyday life. Apart from keeping us hydrated, it keeps our body clean and prevents unwanted diseases. 

Drinking water should be associated with our social responsibility. Instead of buying bottled water when needed, why not have a handy reusable bottle? That way you will not just hydrate your self, but also help reduce the consumption of plastic and save the environment. Yay!

If you are still in search of the best and reliable water bottle, worry no more as we narrowed down the top five high-quality and best selling water bottles in Amazon for you.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask
(Photo : Amazon)

This vacuum-insulated water bottle, which price ranges from $45 to $79, is a good investment as it can last a lifetime. It keeps hot and cold beverages last up to six hours.

What we love most about Hydro Flask is that there is no flavor transfer even if you store hot coffee or tea for a long time and suddenly want a gulp of water. It comes in 32 and 40 oz full mouth opening, and you can choose from Black, Frost, Graphite, Olive, Pacific, Watermelon and White color. 

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Iron Flask
(Photo : Amazon)

This more flexible sports water bottle comes with three different lids: a carabiner straw with two straws, a flip cover, and a stainless steel lid that you can interchange depending on your mood.

It also comes in different sizes from 14 to 64oz, so you can buy one for each family member. The Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle also promises not to leave any metal or rust taste in the long run.

Contigo Autoseal Trekker Water Bottle

(Photo : Amazon)

Are you always a victim of spills and leaks from your regular water bottle? Then it is time to switch with Contigo Water Bottle, which comes with auto seal technology that promotes a leak and spill-proof use. Using this bottle does not require rocket science, simply push the button, sip, release and it will automatically seal.

It is perfect for kids ages three and above. Adults who always forget to close their water bottle lids may also benefit from this innovative water bottle. 

Brita Filtering Water Bottle

(Photo : Amazon)

Who does not want to have clean drinking water wherever you go? The Brita Water Bottle helps you maintain clean drinking water, thanks to its built-in filter that helps reduce the chlorine taste and odor coming from tap water.

Just remember to replace the filter every two months to enjoy its benefits. 

Venture Pal 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

Venture Pal
(Photo : Amazon)

Regular drinking of water could be a burdensome task for some people, but Venture Pal water bottle comes with motivational messages to encourage you to drink every two hours and even finish a gallon of water every day. 

It is more than just a water jug, it is like a buddy willing to motivate you through printed messages like "Hydrate your self," "Don't give up!" "Almost finished!" and "You did it!" It is perfect for fitness buffs who spend most of their time doing physical activities that will require them to hydrate more than the usual. 

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