Why Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Family Are Not In Trouble, According To an Expert

The monarchy faced the most difficult year they had in recent memory, but it only made the Royal family stand stronger together.

Queen Elizabeth II experienced unimaginable disturbances this year -- from Prince Philip's car crash in January until his recent hospitalization which led people to question the Queen for not visiting her husband. However, what happened to the Duke of Edinburgh was just a "welcome greeting" for their worst year yet.

2019 Is Not The Year For The Monarchy

Aside from Prince Philip's health issues, almost every member of the royal family dealt with their hitches throughout the year.

Prince William and Prince Harry had rifts in their relationship which alarmed the Queen. Moreover, Harry and Meghan Markle drifted off little by little after they encountered issues while filming their documentary on their royal tour in South Africa.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also received heavy criticisms and even filed lawsuits against various British tabloids for cybercrime and privacy disputes.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew received backslash for his ties with convicted sex offender and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York denied sexual impropriety and his ties to Epstein, who took his life at the age of 66 even before facing his sex-trafficking charges.

Prince Andrew eventually stepped down from his royal duties, which affected Queen Elizabeth's emotional health the most considering that he is mother's "favortie son."

Because of these, Queen Elizabeth II struggled and evenr reportedly had a hard time composing her Christmas day this year.

Despite these issues, however, it did not stop the Queen from standing as a protector and savior while making sure that she takes the best steps to resolve the problems.

Better Year Ahead?

It might appear that the Royal Family would need a long time before they could recover from all the problems they had this year, but a royal expert believes otherwise.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams spoke with express.co.uk and acknowledged that the royal family truly had "a very difficult year." But at the same time, he warned everyone not to miscalculate the capacity of the monarchy to heal and "to reinvent itself when necessary."

Fitzwilliams also remembered how Queen Elizabeth II and her family got back on track after what happened in the 1990s.

"Look at the 1990s it managed a brilliant recovery. So you always have to remember when things have not gone well that in a certain period of time things will go well again," the royal expert assured.

The royal expert also proudly pronounced that the monarchy existed for a thousand years to stand tall, and the issues they got stormed with were just a swipe of wind for them.

Moreover, he acknowledged the efforts of the Queen for remaining "truly remarkable" throughout the year and even referred to her as someone "whose dedication to duties is beyond doubt."

What Happened During 1992 Annus Horribilis?

Like most forms of government, Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy went through downs, too.

During the 40th anniversary (ruby jubilee) of her succession in 1992, Her Highness announced that the royal family experienced the worst year ever.

"1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure," Queen Elizabeth II stated. She then referred to it as "Annus Horribilis" -- a Latin phrase which means "horrible year".

Aside from the sudden fire that broke out in Windsor Castle just four days before her ruby jubilee, the royal family's reputation about being a real-life fairytale got ruined after the announcement of splits after splits.

Princess Anne, Her Majesty's second child, and Captain Mark Phillips finalized their divorce. Prince Andrew followed the "routine" and announced his split with Sarah Ferguson.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also got separated in the same year.

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