Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have opted to take six weeks off their royal duties to spend some quality time with their little family. In fact, they spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's celebrations away from the limelight that came with their royal affiliations

However, it seems as if all eyes are still on them. In fact, the royal couple got into the headlines again after they received a gift for their son Prince Archie.

The little royal was gifted with a ball pit for Christmas. The balls were made out of plastic material, which started another criticism against them. Moreover, it was not entirely the gift that drew flak, but rather, it was the gesture of acceptance that put Harry and Meghan back on the headlines. 

Hypocritical Royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have always been very vocal about their support for fighting environmental issues. In the show of Jeremy Vine, the two guest panelists have an argument about Archie's ball pit.

According to Jeremy Vine and Lowri Turner, their acceptance of the gift sends the wrong message. Jamelia, the other panelist, disagreed with Turner's opinion and strongly spoke in defense of the royal couple. 

Jamelia said that their acceptance of the ball pit as a gift to their son obviously is bad. She further emphasized that the press is attacking the royal couple particularly because of the material that the ball pit is made of.

However, Turner emphasized that pushing for advocacy to protect the environment should not be something that people only speak of. She added that the royal couple must also learn to live up to their advocacies to truly send the message across. 

Turner furthered that whoever owns a ball pit is personally killing the planet. Jamelia, on the other hand, refuted that the ball pit was a gift and that someone else had thought of giving it to the little royal as a gift. It was not something Prince Harry or Meghan asked for. 

Bad For Prince Archie?

Jeremy Vine then opened up another hot topic concerning the ball pit. He emphasized that the only thing he has heard about these ball pits in public is that they are full of germs and that no child should ever go near them. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been labeled as bad parents so early this 2020 simply because they have nicely accepted a gift for their son Archie.

The ball pit is made of plastic and that's a fact. However, it was the gesture of acceptance that truly did not fit the picture. Although accepting the gift was okay, there is also a kind way of declining the gift particularly because of their strong stance in protecting the environment. 

Critics have a lot to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's parenting skills this early in the year. And although they truly mean well, this royal couple may need to think hard before making any decision from here on out.

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