Cheating Exposed? Prince Charles Could Ruin Image Once 'The Crown' Airs Princess Diana Episodes

Is "The Crown" set to open forgotten wounds and put Prince Charles on fire again?

Netflix's historical drama series started to air in 2016, and the first season even passed Queen Elizabeth II's standards after she felt intrigued by the way the series brought the past back and how it made her feel nostalgic.

Currently, it holds the title of the most expensive series of all time with its first season budget at $130 million. The cost boomed that much due to the royal costumes, cast and the eight filming locations from London to Scotland.

Moreover, its 92 percent critics ratings at Rotten Tomatoes alone made all the expenses worth it, and fans are now looking forward fpr more.

But as the season 3 successfully ended in 2019, there will be more scenes to look forward to in the next season -- most especially those that will point towards the heir to the throne.

Next Bomb?

In an interview with Newsweek before 2020 started, Josh O'Connor, the actor who plays the role of Prince Charles, said that he does not think that people will still side with Prince Charles and feel sorry for him once the season four comes out.

O'Connor revealed that the producers plan to "pull the rug from under him" in the forthcoming season of "The Crown."

"People should come away from it feeling sympathy and sorry for Charles partly because I think they should-and that means I've done my job well-but also because I know what's coming in season 4," O'Connor disclosed before stating that things might change.

The previous season ended by introducing the infidelity of the Prince of Wales and how he ultimately had an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall. 

The actor added more spice as he dubbed the next chapter as "Princess Diana" time, which has always been a familiar period not only for the monarchy but for the people of the United Kingdom as well.

Season 4 of The Crown will take its viewers back during the 1980s to unveil the drama behind Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage.

What Princess Diana Went Through As Prince Charles' Wife

Prince Charles and Camilla announced their relationship in 1999, which was two years after Princess Diana's tragic death in Paris. But aside from his cheating issues, the Prince of Wales also caused Diana's mental health to get worse.

The sunny-looking and lighthearted Diana turned into a person who struggled with mental health issues alone after Prince Charles failed to help her out.

The documentary entitled "Diana: In Her Own Words" revealed what happened during the interview of Princess Diana with her friend James Colthurst at London's Kensington Palace in 1991.

Princess Diana's brutally honest stories focused not only on how Prince Charles became unfaithful to her but also how he spoke impertinent comments that caused her eating disorder.

According to the late royal princess, her bulimia battle started even before she got engaged with Prince Charles. It began when the heir to the throne held her waistline and said, "Oh, a bit chubby here, aren't we?" -- prompting something unpleasant inside her.

Moreover, a few months after their 1981 Wedding of the Century, Diana's suicidal thoughts got even worse to the point that the royal family sought for the experts to "fix her."

Royal watchers expect these things to be included in the next season of "The Crown," and Prince Charles should brace himself if that happens.

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