Canada Ready to Pay $649k For Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Security in the Country


More updates on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle keep on coming after Monday's Sandringham Summit.  

According to the latest report, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make the Canadians pick up the tab (or at least part of it) for round the clock protection of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son Archie as they plan to live in the country.

In a report by the Evening Standard, the Prime Minister privately assured Queen Elizabeth II that the family would be safe in his country, with Canada expected to pay around half of the estimated $1.2 million annual bills. 

The Sussexes will be protected by the same specialist team of Royal Canadian Mounted Police that currently guards the governor-general, who represents Queen Elizabeth II in Canada. 

Prince Harry is a former British Army officer who served in Afghanistan and is currently the captain general of the Royal Marines, so it is important for him and his family to have security following previous death threats. 

Home Secretary Priti Patel told BBC, "I'm not going to provide any detailed information on the security arrangements for either them or any members of the Royal Family or for any protected individuals - that's thoroughly inappropriate for me to do so." 

The security and its cost, given the couple's desire to become "financially independent," is one of the issues understood to be central in ongoing discussions within the royal household after their constructive discussions at Sandringham on Monday. 

Even if the couple is provided British royal protection officers from Scotland Yard, there will still be Canadian security. The head of U.K. police is currently debating with government officials as to whether that protection will continue. 

Scotland Yard has privately mentioned that they are not in the position to write an open-ended cheque for round-the-clock security if the couple is living abroad. It is understood they have launched a review into the issue, and while the police will not turn their backs on Prince Harry and Meghan, a compromise is needed. 

However, there are concerns that a large number of costs would lead to a backlash in Canada and even damage the status of the monarch there. 

The Daily Mail already reported that the Canadians are furious that they will have to pay the Sussexes protection. 

One tweet said, "If Canada ends up paying even a penny for Harry and Meghan when they live here, I will riot." 

Another tweet reads, "What's there to decide? Taxpayers shouldn't have to fork out any money for these spoiled multimillionaire brats."

"Prince Harry and Meghan with their young son get to CHOOSE to leave their home in England, they get to CHOOSE to live in Canada, even if part-time, but Canadian taxpayers DO NOT get to CHOOSE to pay the security for their decisions. God bless the British way," another commented said. 

The London Standard says that both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are entitled to 24/7 taxpayer-funded protection at home and abroad as members of the royal family, whether they are on official duties or not. 

Additionally, Canadian Finance Minister Bill Moreau has gone on the record as saying no final decision has been made

Speaking to CBC News, he said, "No, we haven't spent any time thinking about this issue. We are always looking to make sure, as a member of the Commonwealth, we play a role. We have not had any discussions on that subject at this time."

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