Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Security Liabilties?

Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle surprised everyone, especially the members of the royal family, when they announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the family. After all, it was a big decision to make the requires a lot of changes.

Queen Elizabeth II had to call for a family meeting to discuss what is going to happen to Harry and Meghan after their announcement. The lack of discussion with the rest of the royal family about their decision has left everyone worried.

What will happen to them? How about their lifestyle as royals?

The Family Meeting

crisis meeting is set to happen on Monday at the Sandringham estate of the Queen. According to the British media, the Queen called for the meeting to discuss all the other details that will come out of the Sussexes' decision to "step back."

According to the reports, the meeting will be attended by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, and his older brother, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Meghan, who already flew back to Canada to be with Prince Archie, is expected to join the meeting by via a conference call. 

The goal of the meeting is to discuss the next steps that the couple will take. Days after the expected meeting, there will be more discussions to be done at Buckingham Palace between the members of the British government and palace officials.

Discussions between the Canadian government and of the U.K. government are also expected to further lay down the couple's options. 

Prince Harry is the sixth in line to the British throne, but it looks like he is no longer interested. On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their announcement through their official Instagram account, stating their desire to continue serving the Queen while carving out a progressive new role within the royal institution. 

The announcement goes on to discuss how the couple wants to work to become more financially independent while they continue to fully support the Queen and her endeavors. It also highlighted their plan to split their time between the United Kingdom and North America. 

Changes to Unfold

Although reports say that the royal family has not been consulted of the decision of Harry and Meghan, the family still plans to have further discussion with the couple. It would need some time to talk things through, including issues of their security.

What does it mean for the couple to take a step back? Will they still enjoy the kind of security provided to the members of the royal family?

While several royal commentators knew this "stepping back" was coming, they did not expect it to happen so soon. Prince Harry remains in England to attend all the talks about the changes that will unfold in the coming months. 

To become financially independent, the couple plans to support themselves moving forward. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they will no longer be accepting funding from the Sovereign Grant. It is the funding from taxpayers that goes towards the maintenance of the palaces, as well as fund the activities of the Queen and the royal family. 

While the future remains uncertain for Harry and Meghan or whether they will keep being called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, one thing remains the same: discussions are far from being over.

When it comes to their security, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have more freedom and a little fewer people following them around. However, everyone hopes that nothing bad would happen to the royal couple. 

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