Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Held The Queen FOR RANSOM, Piers Morgan Says

Piers Morgan hits at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle again. Following the Sussexes' announcement of stepping back as senior royals, the TV presenter had been very vocal of his disgust at their decision.

Now Morgan calls out the Sussex Royals for bullying the British monarch to get their way. Buckingham Palace already released a statement saying they understand the Sussexes' decision to live independently, but wish otherwise.

Morgan says Harry and Meghan successfully bullied Her Majesty.

"They want to have their cake and eat it with royal trimmings," said Morgan. He previously said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be stripped of their royal titles.

The royal couple is expected to go through a period of transition. They have been made to understand that the process is lengthy as they want to move office to Canada.

Before the announcement, the Queen had not been let in on the couple's decision. It was only after the announcement that the Sussexes got together with other senior royals to discuss their decision.

This act was mortifying for Morgan. "It was like holding the Queen to ransom," said Morgan believing the Queen was left with no other choice but to accept her grandson's decision.

Did William Bully Harry and Meghan?

Speculations rose that the decision came after being bullied by Prince William for years. Rumors had it that Harry's elder brother was to be blamed for his bullying attitude. It was at this point that Meghan was said to have told her husband, "It's not working for me" making them skip Christmas at Sandringham.

However, both Prince William and Prince Harry have already debunked these speculations. They are both active in supporting mental health awareness. Offensive and potentially harmful language did not happen between the two brothers.

Morgan slammed Meghan for cutting of the brothers who have been known to be very close with each other growing up. He also called Meghan a "ruthless social climber" who use people then move on and ditch them.

Timing is Completely Wrong!

Morgan explained that timing is crucial. He previously criticized Harry and Meghan for making the Queen and Prince Philip miss them at Christmas, along with their son Baby Archie.

Now, Morgan was enraged pointing out to the fact that the Queen recently had to fire Prince Andrew. Furthermore, Prince Philip, at 98, is already very sick. He said that "two little spoiled brats [Harry and Meghan] held her at ransom at the worst moment!"

The TV presenter added that it could have been more tolerable had the Duke and Duchess left after about 18 months. He added that he predicted Meghan would act this way. "You quit your dad, your friends, and your jobs." He added that Meghan even "disowned her entire family and mailed her rings back to her ex-husband."

Morgan said things are more serious now as Meghan "tries to get rid of Harry from his family." He also criticized Harry for being "so weak over all this." He said that since Harry was born into royalty, the Prince was expected to perform his duty.

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