Angelina Jolie After Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston Reconciliation Rumors: I Want A 7th Baby!


Angelina Jolie reportedly has her heart set on adopting a fourth child, expanding her already large brood of six children. The actress is well aware of the fact that her ex-husband Brad Pitt is already moving on.

With the divorce settlement well underway, Jolie plans to move out of the country in search of the golden child she will open up her home to. As of date, the actress is said to feel constrained by her husband to live in a certain place that does not make her feel like herself. She hopes that after the divorce is done with, she can finally move on as Pitt has already done.

Brad Cozies Up to Ex And His Kids, Too!

The recent SAG Awards and previously the Golden Globes saw famous exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston warming up with their friendship. The former couple had broken up in the past when Jolie entered the scene, and now it seems like Pitt is eager to reunite with his former flame.

It is not just Pitt who is getting cozy with Jen. As it turns out, Pitt had already introduced his and Jolie's children to Aniston. This reportedly got Jolie furious. More so since the kids reportedly loved being around Aniston and thought she was cool.

Jolie and Pitt's biological child Shiloh even reportedly told Jen that her dad Brad seems to be happy with her.

Moreover, Pitt had joked about his relationship with his ex-wife at the SAG Awards. He opened up about the difficulties of getting high, taking his shirt off, and then unable to get it on with his wife. This moved the crowd -- including his ex Jen -- to laughs.

Jen showed her full support towards Pitt both in public and in private when she met with his kids.

If He Can Move On, So Can I

Jolie is reportedly awaiting the divorce from Pitt to be finalized so she can proceed with her plans to adopt Baby Number 7. The actress is rumored to receive a hefty divorce settlement from Brad, which she is set to utilize for the support of her next child.

However, keep in mind that Jolie never publicly announced her desire to adopt another baby regardless of whether or not she receives a huge sum from Pitt through the divorce.

Apparently, Jolie had always wanted to add another child to their family, but Pitt stopped her in her tracks. Brad reportedly thought six children was enough for their family. Jolie is said to have felt the need to cave to what Brad had wanted, but now can do what she wants.

Jolie is believed to tap into her UN contacts to have the adoption plans come to fruition. Adoption is said to be Jolie's plan to seek a new direction with her life. Ethiopia, Africa, Syria and China are said to be the places Angelina wants to visit to look for her the child of her dreams.

"In fact, she's firming plans to visit more orphanages around the world until she finds the golden child of her dreams," a source of New Idea said.

Angelina previously said she hoped to be out of her element and travel to somewhere she has never been. She also expressed her desire to have her children to grow up in the world and have friends everywhere around the globe.

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