Meghan Markle Is Now a Verb! -- What Does It Mean & How Can You Use It?


Meghan Markle has stepped back as a senior member of the royal family along with husband Prince Harry. As they made their bombshell announcement, however, they also started a trend in the process.

Apparently, Meghan became a verb after her big move. The term "to Meghan Markle" was created in the wake of their decision, referring to the act of leaving a place to value ones self even more.

"Meghan Markle, a verb, past tense - Meghan Markled: to value yourself and your mental health enough to up and leave a room/ situation/ environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted," a post about Meghan Markling reads.

How to Use It?

An article by The Guardian listed some epic and modern ways to use the term "to Meghan Markle" in all sorts of ways -- from going out, to relationship and even describing work (basically any situation that can be toxic that you can leave).

"I totally Meghan Markled my ex last night and never returned his texts," one example from the report said.

Of course, just like Meghan did, you call also use it to leave relatives or friends who are not treating you right or making you feel less as a human despite trying everything you can to please them.

Leaving royalty

While Meghan Markling seems a funny way to react to the decision of Meg and Prince Harry to step back from the royal family, it is indeed a serious one and no laughing matter.

After all, as the decription of the "new verb" highlights, Meghan Markling means valuing yourself and mental health over a situation that is no longer helpful.

When Meghan and Harry announced their decision, it shocked the whole world and rocked the very foundation of the royal family that prides itself with upholding traditions for hundred of years.

However, it was not a surprising turn of events considering that both Meghan and Prince Harry have previously cited their struggles coping up with royal life as a new family,

It is worth noting that in an ITV documentary last year, they gave a candid interview and bared it all on how difficult it is for them to live within the rules of the monarchy. Meghan herself even said that she felt isolated, with no one in the family asking her how she is doing after giving birth and experiencing becoming a mom for the first time.

The two cited they wanted to become "financially independent" from the family while continuing to support the Queen and her plans. However, beyond that desire to be independent, it was clear they want to start a new and live a more peaceful life -- away from the judging eyes of the people and scrutiny of the U.K. media.

Their desire to give their baby, Archie, a life without all the problems and pressure surrounding the royal family reportedly also led them to make their decision.

It remains to be seen what they will do next as they enter a new stage in their life as a married couple and a family, but it is clear Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready for the challenge.

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