Former Disney channel actress Demi Lovato just delivered a powerful rendition of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl 2020, leaving fans with their jaws on the floor.

Before the kickoff, the singer-actress took to the field and belted out The Star Spangled Banner wearing a long-sleeved white suit and belt, accessorizing it with silver jewelry and diamond earrings.

One twitter user said, "THIS is how you do the National Anthem. Demi Lovato killed it."

Another one said, "Demi Lovato is a POWERFUL vocalist. We love you!"

The 27-year-old "Sober" singer is starting the year strong. Her game-day performance came a week after taking the 2020 Grammy stage where she performed her new song "Anyone."

But despite the comeback, Demi Lovato did not make it to our top Super Bowl National Anthem performances. 

The Super Bowl is a big night for international television, with over 100 million watchers is estimated to watch the game, its advertisements, and the half-time show.

It starts with the performance of The Star Spangled Banner, a tradition that has been carried out by some of the greatest voices in the music industry.

The national anthem is not easy to deliver, but there have been exceptional performances. There have been great, and some not great renditions of the song.

Here are our top five best Super Bowl National Anthem performances:

5. Cher, Super Bowl XXXIII

Cher created her rendition of a great national anthem because she is a trendsetter and did not mind playing by her own rules.

Her rendition was filled with emotion and without any unnecessary high notes.

Because of that, her 1999 Super Bowl performance captivated millions of viewers.

4. Luther Vandross, Super Bowl XXI

While it is typically understood that the national anthem is meant to honor the history of America, the singer takes the spirit of patriotism out the song and replaces it with seduction .. because that is just how Luther Vandross Sings.

His soft, R&B voice sprinkling "The Star-Spangled Banner" took the song to a very sensual place.

It is a beautiful rendition that no one has ever done before.

3. Kelly Clarkson, Super Bowl XLVI

No matter what she has experienced in her career, whether they are ups or downs, Kelly Clarkson will always be people's first American idol (although she not the first "American Idol" contestant to sing at the Super Bowl).

However, her performance is complemented by a beautiful choir of children and a patriotic snare-drum rhythm that added a beuatiful element to her rendition.

The chorus carried Clarkson through without being distracting or inappropriate.

2. Lady Gaga, Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga's performance is considered to be "one of the best." During the 2016 Super Bowl, the pop star performed a stripped-down piano rendition of The Star Spangled-Banner.

Her performance featured airy high notes in her falsetto and brazen belt, making the song as if it is one of her own.

1. Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV

Whitney Houston's performance is the gold standard for all Super Bowl performances, even after 20 years.

It was already anticipated after Houston announced she was singing at the Super Bowl months prior. The song was recorded and released as a single to raise money for troops in the Gulf War.

Houston's rendition was even re-released in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks and even has its own Wikipedia page because it is a holy grail moment.

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