Rihanna Is NOT Actually Dating A$AP Rocky -- Here's The Real Score!

A famous Hollywood actor (a.k.a Brad Pitt) once said that the minute he is single, every female personality that stands beside him would automatically be rumored as someone he is dating.

It looks like the statement is not just true for the legendary actor, as singer Rihanna also finds herself in the same situation right after sources confirmed that she and longtime boo Hassan Jameel called it quits.

It could be recalled that earlier this year, a source told Us Weekly that Rihanna and Hassan, both 31 years of age, ended their almost three-year relationship without citing any reasons.

Rumor has it that the businessman and "Fenty Beauty" mogul do not really want to put an end to their romance as they genuinely love each other. However, they decided to part ways due to the pressure from Hassan's family to have a traditional relationship with other conservative women.

A close friend of Rihanna revealed that Hassan is having a hard time with Rihanna's image. Hassan's family wished to make her more tamed, reserved and demure, which is the exact opposite of Riri's image since the beginning of her singing career.

On the same day that news broke bout their split up, the "Rude Boy" singer was spotted hanging out with rapper A$AP Rocky during the 2020 Yams Day Benefit Concert in New York.

People are quick to assume that Rihanna had swiftly moved on and have found a rebound love in the arms of the "Testing" rapper.


So What Is The Real Score?

As much as fans would love Riri to have a happy love life, it looks like the iconic singer just retains a close and steady relationship with A$AP Rocky at the moment. Sources close to Rihanna came to the rescue to clear the real status between her and the rapper.

"Rihanna is good friends with Rocky," a friend of Riri told Hollywood Life.

"They have met up many times over the past year to hang out, but suddenly people are paying attention and looking to turn it into something more," the source added.

The singer's friend explained that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's way of hanging out as friends goes way back in history, and it will remain to be a platonic relationship as she is still in the stage of getting over from Hassan

"She isn't interested in another relationship right now," Riri's friend clarified.

Meanwhile, another insider echoed this statement and said that the singer is not interested in getting into any serious relationship at the moment.

"Rihanna has always had great chemistry with Rocky, but more so in terms of a great friendship. They've hung out plenty of times over the years, and they always have fun together, it's really nothing more than that," the source said.

"Now that Rihanna is single, people want to read too much into every guy she hangs out with. She's not dating Rocky or anyone else for that matter," the source added.

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