"It is all in Justin's gesture," body language expert Blanca Cobb said of Justin Timberlake. Does the awkwardness reveal that there was something more from his highly controversial PDA scandal?

Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel made their first public appearance together since Justin's PDA scandal. The two looked really nice together, though some people said that Justin looked a bit awkward with Jessica around. The photos can be seen at Cosmopolitan.

Cobb said that the movement of the two says a lot about the status of their relationship at the moment.

Huge Scandal 

It has been two months since the "Rock Your Body" singer was photographed getting cozy with his "Palmer" co-star Alicia Wainwright. The two had been out drinking with friends and some crew as they were on a break from making their film.

However, both actors may have drunk too much that they were not aware of what they were doing. Justin was caught holding hands with Alicia while she was seen to be caressing Justin's knee at the balcony of the bar they were in that night. 

Understandably, the pictures shocked the world and caused Jessica  to be upset. Since then, Justin has already made a public apology for his lapse in judgment that put his wife in an embarrassing situation.

Wainwright, through her representative, has also denied allegations of being in a relationship with Justin. She said that they were out with some friends that night and that was it. 

The actor is also currently working on earning his wife's trust back. He has, in fact, become a very active user of Instagram. He has shown great interest in his wife and her posts, and fans were quick to notice how flirty Justin has become overnight.

The "Sexy Back" singer was visibly trying to woo his wife through social media. 

The couple has been considered as one of the most admired partners in Hollywood, considering they have been together for more than 10 years. They share a four-year olf son Silas.

Justin, Awkward?

On Monday night, Justin and Jessica were a picture of a happy couple at the premiere of "The Sinner" Season 3. They look incredibly great together being photographed for the first time after the scandal that rocked their marriage. 

However, many noticed that there was some awkwardness in their body language. For the most part of the night, it seemed as if the couple was doing just fine. However, Blanca Cobb told Cosmo that there is more to be seen than meets the eye. 

Their polite smiles when they pose for a photo made them look great. A good sign is that their torso is angled toward each other, which means that there is still that strong connection between them. However, "their hands tell a different story," Cobb revealed. 

"Jessica's hands are hidden from view and Justin's right hand is semi-balled up. Hands tend to hang loosely by your side, not semi-fisted, which suggests that he's feeling a little tense," Cobb explained.

The body language expert, however, clarified that because it is their first public appearance as a couple after the scandal, Justin might be a little tense. "He must be nervous about the scrutiny he may receive from the public."

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