It's payback time! After seven years of marriage, Jessica Biel has started to play the game Justin Timberlake started.

After all, JT's epic fail with Alisha Wainwright last year was not the first time he was accused of cheating. Remember, there was the Olivia Munn cheating rumors about a decade ago.

But cheating rumors before and after marriage are two different things. Jessica had been bothered and suspicious of her husband ever since his drunken episode. She had made it clear to Justin that she is not happy for acting the way he did.

In turn, Timberlake made a public apology on Instagram, revealing how his act was not the example he wanted to set for his son. He added how he felt bad for causing embarrassment towards his family. Now, all he wanted is to be a good husband, father, and to finish the movie "Palmer" with her co-star, Wright.

Jessica Starts To Notice Her Admirers

The actor-slash-singer was not the only one who noticed Jessica. Even after becoming a mother to Silas Randall Timberlake, the actress never lost her groove.

The 37-year-old actress still has a long line of admirers who always praise her for her hot bod and amazing smile. The pretty face had been ignoring them ever since she got into a relationship and married Justin.

Now, things have changed. Jessica wants to beat Justin at his game. She had been reportedly taking on the advances of the men who had been flirting with her on social media.

It ia all a matter of healthy flirting for Jessica and nothing too serious. She has simply been responding to flirty comments online -- to the surprise of her husband. And, well it seems to work.

Justin is Determined to Win His Wife (Again)

Now that Justin Timberlake has become aware that he still does have competition for Jessica Biel's attention, he has since been becoming more affectionate. A Radar Online insider revealed that Jessica had Justin worried about all the attention she has been getting.

But for Jessica, it is "the best feeling in the world." The insider added that Jessica is far from contemplating cheating on her husband. She has been enjoying the kind of attention she gets from Justin ever since.

The 38-year-old actor reportedly now sends flirty texts to her wife. Further, he has gotten into the habit of calling his wife three times a day just to say "I miss you" and "I love you."

"Jessica's got Justin worried and that's the best feeling in the world, not that she would ever cheat on him," the insider added. "It's just kind of nice getting all this attention from Justin. He's sending her flirty texts and calling three times a day to say 'I love you' and 'I miss you.'"

The singer is also determined to ward off the competition by flirting with his wife online, too. He now comments on his wife's posts with heart emojis.

Justin Tries to Prove His Innocence

Last year's photographs of Alisha's hand on Justin's leg and JT reciprocating with his hand on her waist stirred trouble in his marriage. All he wants to prove now is that there is nothing going on with him and his co-star.

Timberlake reportedly invited his wife to come to the set of "Palmer" anytime. His wife had taken up on his offer and had plans to visit on the set. However, to this date, she is yet to make an appearance at the movie set.

Apparently, the online flirtations with other men have gotten Timberlake's attention. Now that he is showering her with lots of love, Jessica might not even need to visit the movie set anymore. All is well as long as JT keeps his game up.

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