Producer Jon Peters is telling his side of the story after Pamela Anderson aired her side and made him out to be the bad guy.

According to the "A Star Is Born" producer, "everything [Anderson] told was a lie." He also revealed how he felt like "an old fool" after breaking up with the "Baywatch" star.

Pamela Tells Her Story

After only 12 days of marriage, the producer and actress announced they are splitting up. The beginning of the love month had Anderson revealing she made a "terrible mistake" getting married to Peters.

According to Anderson, her ex-husband had been "too controlling" of her. Apparently, it took Anderson only a day and a half into the marriage to realize she did not want her man to control her in the way Peters supposedly does.

Further, the 52-year-old actress revealed that she had been asked by the producer to "marry on a whim," capitalizing on her heart being "too open" after a recent spiritual cleansing she had experienced on a trip to India.

Producer Cries Foul!

Peters moved to correct the false statements Anderson spread about him. The 74-year-old had a tell-all on Anderson following the actress' remarks and revealed that it was not him who proposed on a whim but Pamela -- who, he claims, proposed through a text message.

"She texted me saying she wanted to get married," opened up Peters, adding that it had been like a "dream come true" for him.

Moreover, Peters confessed that at the time, he was already engaged to an unnamed lady who was already set to move in with him. Nonetheless, he "dropped everything for Pam."

Deep In Debt

Peters unveiled how Anderson was knee-deep in debt when they met.  He cited nearly $200,000 worth of bills the actress owed and had no money to pay for them.

"I paid it," revealed Peters, referring to the hundreds of thousands owed by his ex-wife. And yet, "this is the thanks I get," shared the producer who said Anderson left him feeling "like an old fool and there is no one more foolish."

Reason for Breakup, According to Peters

If you ask the "Baywatch" actress, their marriage ended in 12 days because Peters was too controlling. However, Peters alluded to the claim and said he had paid her bills while she was too broke.

Moreover, Peters also said he even bought Pamela a completely new wardrobe when she came into the marriage.

Beyond the controlling claims, Peters said that Anderson's lifestyle website Jazmin "scared [him] as it borders on porn and Anderson had been receiving money from it."

Breaking Up Over Text?

According to Peters, the proposal came by Anderson via text -- and the breakup was none so different. Peters revealed that the text he sent to Anderson to break up with her is self-explanatory.

Peters started with affection, but he went on how the details about Anderson's life has scared him.

"Dear Pammy. These past nine days have been a beautiful amazing lovefest. What I've realized is that we are really good friends and have been for a very long time. This whole marriage thing with lawyers, debt...has scared me," Peters wrote in the text.

The producer also revealed how he explained to his ex-wife through a text message how he realized he wanted "a simple and quiet life, and not [this] international love affair."

Peters furthered that he had a tough time traveling back and forth to Canada, trying to build an empire together with Anderson. However, Peters said he had no ill intentions for Anderson and wished she would still be in his upcoming movie "Private Dancer" to push the actress' career.

Post-breakup, Peters is asking for a break, to think things through. He ended the text message with the words "I do love you" to the actress, adding that he still wants to talk after he gets some time off.

Meanwhile, Anderson's representative debunked the producer's claims, saying they are "entirely fabricated and ludicrous."

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