The 12-day marriage of Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters was a short-lived unpleasant relationship. However, their split is even getting uglier as days go by.

After Pamela and Jon got married in a private ceremony in California on Jan. 20, they decided to split and re-evaluate their union a little less than two weeks later.

However, the said "re-evaluation process" turned out to be something that totally destroyed their cracked relationship even more.

Recently, Jon said in an e-mail to Page Six that he paid for almost $200,000 worth of debt of her now-ex-wife. It led him to decide splitting from her since she was "too broke" and only needed someone who could pay off her sizable debts.

"I paid it, and this is the thanks I get. There's no fool like an old fool," Jon ranted as he concluded in his e-mail.

After the bombshell revelation, Pamela took a step to stop his former partner and other people from spreading lies. The 52-year-old star chose to post a poem on Twitter, and it seemed to be a veiled shot at Peters and his controversial claims.

What Did The Poem Reveal?

To recall, a few moments after their wedding, Pamela called her then-new husband as "the original bad boy of Hollywood" and recited a poem for him.

"I love him deeply like family. His life used to scare me," the "Baywatch" star told the "A Star is Born" producer.

The said poem received mixed comments online, but mostly negative as people said that the piece was "cringeworthy."

This time, Anderson wrote another poem to address what she called "lies" spreading about her.

The poem included how she had a hard time dealing with people who spread a series of false stories about her. She ended the post by writing: "I hope people understand where it's coming from - I don't want to have to defend myself it only draws more attention feeding the problem - #ego."

Meanwhile, Pamela's representative responded to Jon's allegations and called the claims absurd. 

"Despite Mr. Peters' efforts to elicit a response from Ms. Anderson, she has no comment to provide and wishes him well," the rep went on.

Jon's "Dear Pammy" Breakup Text

Before the poem got posted online, Jon also included their break up text on his e-mail to Page Six, saying that he only wanted a quiet life and "not an international love affair."

Jon also claimed that it was Pamela who initiated their marriage even though he was engaged to someone else. He went on to say that he wanted to be home near his kids' cribs and that they would be the beneficiaries of his estate, indicating that Pamela would not taste even a bit off his fortunes.

Despite the ugly relationship they have now, Jon still wants Pamela to be part of the movie he is currently working on.

Pamela, as chill as she has always been, only replied with a face-throwing-a-kiss emoji and "I forgive you" line. Nonetheless, it seems she has no plans on forgiving him anytime soon.

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