Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were spotted out and about with their daughter Stormi. The ex-couple look like they have become experts in co-parenting that they actually paint a picture of a perfect little family.

Will this happy family portrait be the start of something beautiful?

Quality Family Time

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner may no longer be a couple, but they look perfectly happy with their daughter Stormi.

The two have been spending a lot of quality time together with their two-year-old daughter. On February 23, the ex-couple once again reunited to spend the day at the trampoline gym. Then, they all stopped by for some ice cream soon after. 

An eyewitness told Hollywood Life that although the cosmetic mogul and the rapper are no longer romantically together, they still seem happy whenever they are out with their child. 

"Kylie and Travis looked really sweet playing with Stormi," an eyewitness shared. The three were spotted casually strolling around The Village in Woodland Hills on Sunday. 

When they stopped by the koi pond, both Travis and Kylie looked like very protective parents as Stormi looked in awe of all the fish. The three also enjoyed the ice cream and looked like the perfect happy family. 

Kylie and Travis Together Again?

Although Kylie and Travis spent the afternoon together, they were not caught kissing, cuddling, or even holding hands. The two spent the day together as parents to their daughter, though it is worth noting they are very comfortable around each other. 

"They seemed to be in a very good mood and were simply enjoying a family outing together," the eyewitness continued. During their outing, the three were accompanied by their bodyguard. 

Despite the rumors circulating that the two are getting along together, Kylie emphasized that she and Travis were just best friends. The news of their breakup came out in October 2019. 

"We have such a good relationship, we are like best friends," the makeup mogul told Harper's BAZAAR during an interview for their February 2020 issue. 

"We both love Stormi and we only want what's best for her," Kylie added. She further revealed that she and Travis stay connected and coordinated to make sure that Stormi knows that they are both there for her despite everything. 

The young cosmetics billionaire said that she has always thought of her parents and what they would do if they were in her shoes. "They were both very hands-on with me, and I only want the same for Stormi."

Their situation at the moment may not be as ideal as everyone expects them to be, but the small family of Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Stormi are as happy as they could be.

The ex-couple may or may not end up together in the future. But one thing remains true: they both love Stormi so much. Today and in the future, the two will make sure that their daughter feels all the love they could give, no matter what family situation they may be in. 

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