Pete Davidson recently gave a deeply emotional interview, opening his heart out and speaking out on the many heartbreaks he has experienced in the past.

The "Saturday Night Live" star also made a shocking revelation on how he knew his relationship with Ariana Grande was coming to an end. 

It Was Not Meant To Be

Pete Davidson has obviously moved on from Ariana. In fact, he has dated several women after her and  looked happy with them. Kate Beckinsale and Kaia Gerber were two of the women he had gone out with after his failed relationship with the "Into You" singer. 

During his heart-to-heart interview with Charlamagne Tha God, the comedian revealed that he does not have any hard feelings towards his ex-fiancee Ariana Grande. He revealed that he knew her relationship with Ariana was doomed after he realized that the singer still had a lot of love for her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. 

Miller died of an accidental drug overdose on September 7, 2018. 

Now, a source close to Grande revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively that Pete's honesty is what Ariana loved the most about him. She was also not upset about Davidson's revelation and was, in fact, happy about it.

"Pete being honest is what Ariana really loved about him. She knows that he has his demons, but if he is able to share his feelings it helps out immensely. They both have an understanding that what they had was amazing, but it was just not the right time to continue," the source said. 

"She was not upset by what he said. She actually is happy to hear that he seems to be learning from it all and maturing from it. She will always support him because she knows the real him and where he is coming from."

Moving On and Dealing With Mental Health

When Pete revealed in December 2019 episode of "Saturday Night Live" that he was going to seek professional help for his mental issues, rumors about his breakup with Kaia Gerber surfaced. Apparently, his mental health issues has scared the young model and put an end to their short-lived romance. 

Over the years, Pete has been very open about his struggles with chronic diseases, borderline personality disorder, and depression. In fact, in his most recent show in New York, the comedian came clean and admitted that he sought professional help so he could deal with his personal issues.  

Pete has been through a lot of heartbreaks in his life. However, it is clear that breaking up with Ariana was one of his biggest heartbreaks.

Despite all his mental health concerns though, Pete still finds himself laughing it all out. The comedian even joked about his own suicidal thoughts and poked fun at what could be a serious call for help.

Regardless, Pete Davidson is clearly more mature now and is in good control of his thoughts and emotions, somehting his fans should be happy about.

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