The supposed solemn remembrance day for Kobe Bryant turned into something disrespectful and ridiculous because of his fans.

On February 24, over 20,000 grievers jetted to California to join the celebration of the life of Kobe and Gianna Bryant at Staples Center.

Spearheaded by the Los Angeles Lakers star's widow Vanessa Bryant, athletes and celebrities paid their respect and shared emotional tributes for the fallen basketball superstar.

Kobe, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other passengers, died in a horrific helicopter crash in Calabasas last Jan. 26.

However, after his fans mourned that day, they quickly forgot to continuously pay respect to him and used his death to cash in.

Utter Disrespect!

Fans who attended the memorial service for Kobe and joined the procession received several souvenirs, which included shirts, pins, commemorative tickets and event programs.

However, just a few hours after the event ended, some of Kobe's so-called "fans" greedily took the chance to capitalize on the late NBA superstar's death by selling his memorial souvenirs on eBay. What is worse is that they were asking for thousands of dollars for the mementos.

According to The New York Post, the attendees started to bid the keepsakes in the low thousands. But some of it even reached the "Buy It Now" price of $5,000 for eBay users who wanted to get the specific item immediately.

For instance, one item (official Kobe XL-size shirt) a user got from the memorial received 76 bids and ended up being sold for $2,025.

There were also bundles of the event's tokens.

Meanwhile, the programs (which showed the lives of the father and daughter) were the hottest items. Per Busted Coverage's report, one user labeled it as "Memorial Celebration Program" sold for $540. Another item, tagged as "Program Handed Out At Memorial," got traded for $850.

Kobe, who dedicated his life helping the less fortunate, would likely be disappointed with their selfish behavior.

eBay's Solution

A few days after the buy and sell started online,​ multiple listings on eBay disappeared.

"Please note, due to sudden and tragic passing of Kobe Bryant - eBay has made the decision to prohibit the sale of merchandise, images, and mugs relating to their passing," the online selling website sent to one of the sellers.

The sellers turned out to have violated the site's policy on its prohibition to its sellers from "profiting off of "human tragedy or suffering."

Howeverm the policy does allow "traditional Kobe items" that are not related to his death -- such as photographs, autographs, jerseys -- to be sold online.

Kobe's Big Numbers

Despite his passing, the aforementioned "less controversial items" are still in high demand.

"Fans suddenly realize the person they love is not there anymore, and they want to buy up things to be close to that person," Howard University marketing professor Denver D'Rozario told CNN

For example, the pair of sneakers Kobe wore for the last time in 2016 is now up for $240,000. Even the "" URL -- though they are only selling it for $8,000 -- is going for $24,000.

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