Rapper Copycat? Fans Criticize Drake for Using Eminem Song in New Album

Is Drake running out of ideas that he chose to use part of Eminem's song on his newly-released track just to complete it?

Drake surprised his fans with two new songs entitled "When to Say When" and "Chicago Freestyle."

The said songs have been shared along with Theo Skudra-directed music video, which was partially filmed at the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. These also marked Drake's first official solo songs of 2020 after he previously partnered with Future for the tracks "Life Is Good" and "Desires."

However, while his first new solo materials since last year got a lot of attention, the song "Chicago Freestyle" drew some criticism as well after fans noticed that Drake used Eminem's 2002 single "Superman" on it.

Drake The Copycat?

In his interview with Rap Radar in December, the 33-year-old "Girls Need Love" hitmaker said that he wanted to show the world that he still can rap. However, the way he came back hit the nerves of Eminem's fans.

"Chicago Freestyle" is a song of someone paying tribute to the art. However, Drake included a line from Eminem's song and flipped the verse to fit his new song.

"But I do know one thing though. Women they come they go Saturday, through Sunday, Monday Monday through Sunday, yo," Drake started out in the song.

Because of the apparent little modifications Drake made on the "Superman" song, Eminem's supporters vented out on Twitter and called out the Canadian rapper for "turning a gem into a trash."


Eminem's Fans vs Drake's

When Drake's admirers started to praise him for his surprise tracks, Eminem's supporters did the opposite and began to criticize him.

One fan said, "Drake released a new song "Chicago Freestyle" and straightup used Eminem's 'Superman' chorus in it LMFAO."

"Drake really finna just steal Eminem's verse like that," another one said.

Meanwhile, some people -- who claimed that they are already familiar with the hip-hop industry -- explained that Drake did not really copy the lines from "Superman."

One Twitter user said that the rapper did not steal it. He went on and explained the meaning of "interpolation" and how the rappers are using it to pay respect to the other artists in the industry.

"Em did with Jay-Z on Business, Jay-Z did with Em on Success. Respect and understand the culture, P L E A S E," the fan continued.

Though someone explained clearly what happened, some people still suggested that Drake should have used a different line or worked on his own words instead of repeating the same Eminem lyrics all over again.

While everyone became too focused on how Drake allegedly copied Eminem's lyrics, it is also worth noting that the other song -- the Brooklyn-set "When to Say When" -- also included a sample of Jay-Z's "Song Cry."

Drake even visited the 50-year-old "Empire State of Mind" rapper's stomping ground Marcy Projects in the music video just to complete his tribute for his fellow rapper.

The four-minute music video, which was a combination of two new songs, presented shortened versions. The full-length tracks are expected to be uploaded on Soundcloud soon.

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