How Many Kids Does Justin Bieber Want With Hailey Baldwin? Biebs Has the BEST Answer!

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Justin Bieber has always been open about how much he appreciates his wife Hailey Baldwin. In his recent television interview, the 26-year old singer gets real about Hailey and their family life. 

Starting a Family

On Tuesday at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the "Love Yourself" singer played the game of "Burning Questions" and was open enough to answer in full detail. At one point, he was asked how many kids he and his wife Hailey want to have. 

"I think it is up to Hailey because it is her body," Justin answered in confidence, making the crowd cheer. 

This time, Justin knew exactly what to say. The crowd seemed to agree with the singer's concept of having a family. Although Hailey has yet to answer the question, everyone is looking forward to little Biebers running around Hollywood. 

Crazy in Love

Throughout the segment, Justin kept on talking about Hailey and the little things that keep their relationship unique. The "Yummy" singer revealed that his wife smells like Ariana Grande's perfume.

Biebs also said that Hailey did not like his mustache, so he got rid of it. 

Their relationship has always been on the news even back when they were still dating. And yet, in his most recent television appearance, Justin shared a few more details about their relationship that very few people know about. For one, the "Sorry" singer said that his wife did not like it that he was constantly singing in the house.

"She likes it, but I think there is a point when she gets really annoyed by my singing," Bieber admitted. 

However, Justin is confident that Hailey loves him and further revealed that she "calls him a bunch of weird things." 

"She calls me 'goo goo' which is weird, but I like it," Justin said. "We are each other's goo goo."

A Special Birthday

Justin's interview came a few days after he celebrated an extra special birthday. Hailey celebrated Justin's birthday just the way he likes it -- in style. 

"My wife pulled off a really nice special dinner to celebrate my birthday. There were candles, something like those in the movies. It was really a romantic night," the singer revealed. 

In addition to their special celebration, Hailey threw Justin a bash at Delilah, West Hollywood's party spot. Although the two had shared a special dinner together before they headed to the bash, reports said that the two have been cuddling together all throughout the party.

The couple danced the night away and their PDA moments were caught on camera. 

Before Everything Was Perfect

The relationship between Justin and Hailey has always been an open book. From the controversial way of how it started up to the time they decided to tie the knot, everyone had their opinion about their union. 

In one of his recent interviews, Justin revealed that he was heartbroken when he started dating Hailey. The "Never Say Never" singer confessed that Hailey knew everything and never left him alone. 

And though it took some time for him to heal, Bieber is thankful that his wife never left his side. 

Justin and Hailey Bieber are enjoying their sweet time together. When the kids come, this couple will know exactly how to make them feel all the love. 

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