Kendall Jenner Rejects Surprise Wedding Proposal -- 'I Need Soul!'

Being a supermodel, reality TV star, and social media influencer rolled into one, Kendall Jenner sure has attracted tons of admirers from all over the world. With her stunning beauty, runway-ready body, and fun personality, seriously, what is not to love?

Growing up in the spotlight with her equally famous sisters starring in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality TV, the 24-year-old celebrity is probably used to fans approaching her for a selfie or autograph.

But over the weekend, Kendall just met an ultimate fan who is brave enough to take his admiration to the next level by surprising the supermodel with a romantic act.

Impromptu Proposal

While riding her luxury vehicle and strolling in West Hollywood on a Saturday morning, one fan stopped her to take a selfie. Kendall gladly smiled for the photo but was taken by surprise on the fan's next move.

Before she could even close her car's door, the guy got down on one knee, took out a ring box, and bravely asked Kendall to marry him.

Kendall, who is wearing a casual white sweatshirt and a pair of trainers, was so stunned with the gesture and said: "Oh my goodness! You are so sweet."

However, the Instagram sponsored content queen politely declined the proposal and told the fan: "We don't even know each other. I don't even know your name!"

Instead of breaking the fan's heart and swiftly running out of the situation, Kendall said: "But, nice to meet you. You are very nice."

It's a Prank!

The guy, who was wearing a blue jacket and white baseball cap, tried explaining to Kendall that the impromptu car side proposal was not just a big romantic gesture. He was actually filming a prank for the YouTube channel he is about to launch.

While the marriage proposal was made for fun, the persistent fan asked Kendall if her decision will change in case he got one million subscribers on YouTube, to which the supermodel once again declined. Yikes!

Kendall was seen shaking her head and explaining that social media followers do not matter to her and declared what she needs and looks for a partner.

"I need soul," a giggling Kendall said while gesturing to her heart.

"Soul? I got soul!" the fan replied, before Kendall shut down the door, ending the unusual fan encounter.

Status of Kendall's Heart

At a very young age, Kendall has been romantically linked to numerous men from celebrities, singers, billionaires, and basketball hotties.

The most recent rumoured romance of Kendall would be NBA cutie, Ben Simmons. The couple is said to be having an on-and-off long-distance relationship.

While Kendall and Ben keeps their relationship private and lowkey, the Victoria's Secret angel has been spotted several times cheering for the Philadelphia 76ers star and even seated next to Ben's mom, Julie Simmons, in one game.

Last month, Kendall was also seen spending some time with Ben's family right after a game in Philadelphia.

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