Celebrities tend to hide or enhance something on their body to feel better about themselves. For someone like Kourtney Kardashian, instead of hiding her imperfections, she flaunted it more -- even if that means being naked.

During her interview with Health's magazine for its new cover story this April 2020, Kourtney revealed how she got overwhelmed with the fans' positive reaction when she publicized her stretch marks online.

According to the 40-year-old "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star, her supporters complimented her imperfections in the past, something which she could not understand.

Kourtney told Health, "I've had stretch marks since eighth or ninth grade on the side of my booty. I never cared about them-I like them!"

To recall, during her previous interview with Rose Inc., Kourtney claimed that she still feels comfortable getting naked even though it would show the streaks on her skin.

"Naked. Tiger stripes and all," the media personality said when asked when is the perfect time she feels most "desirable."

Kourtney Promotes Body Positivity

In 2019, she posted an unfiltered photo of her on her Instagram page where she could be seen kneeling up on the back of a boat while wearing a sexy black bathing suit that revealed her stretch marks.

In the comments section, she added, "I love my little stripes to promote body positivity, which caused her fans to go wild and praise her. 

One fan said, "Thank you so much for not editing out your stretch marks!!"

"Thank you for being real. We should be proud of our war wounds from our beautiful babies," another one wrote.

Even her younger Jenner sister, Kylie, appreciated her display and left a comment on the photo.

"I haven't gotten rid of them," the 22-year-old mother of two-year-old Stormi uttered. She began to get the same lines after she gave birth to her daughter in 2018. 

In The Name of Healthy Lifestyle!

In the same interview for Health magazine, kourtney revealed that instead of overthinking about her marks, the eldest Kardashian sister spends her time aligning her lifestyle to her preferred physique.

Currently, her household is "gluten-free and dairy-free," and she goes for intermittent fasting most of the time.

Meanwhile, when it comes to workouts, Kourt prefers to do the "maintenance" ones, but she also does not allow herself to slack.

"I notice better results when I mix it up between trainers or do boxing, so I don't get burned out or bored," Kourtney shared. "I've also made an effort to get into skincare. I put on a serum every day right out of the shower, under my lotion."

Aside from physical health, Kourtney also takes care of her mental health by limiting her time on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" to the point that rumors about her eventually quitting the show emerged.

She added, "My workouts are key, too. And I go to church once a week, if I can. I go with friends, and we go to dinner afterward. I'm such a homebody; it's important for me to force myself to do something social!"

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